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Blu-ray drives coming from Dell and Apple?

04 Mar 2008 13:55

The next MacBook could have Blu-ray Having won the war over HD DVD Blu-ray could be making its way to a range of products from two of the biggest names in the home computing industry, it has emerged.

According to TechSpot, a recent article from AppleInsider cites an unnamed source who believes that "Apple is actively pushing Sony for slot-loading Blu-ray writers for its MacBook Pro systems".

The site adds that Dell, who already offer Blu-ray drives as a high-priced option on many of its notebooks, will next month announce a new high definition compatible notebook for under $1,000 (£503).

AppleInsider states that Apple had previously postponed plans to get a Blu-ray equipped MacBook Pro into the market due to some technical issues but adds that with Intel set to unveil new Centrino and Core 2 processors in June this signify a summer launch.

However, the Guardian reports today that Metal Gear Solid 4 creator, Hideo Kojima, has suggested that Blu-ray will not offer enough storage capacity to host the game across a single disc.

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