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Enchanted is a fairy tale in New York

Modern fairy tale comes to Blu-ray

02 Apr 2008 15:28

Disney's critically acclaimed Enchanted gets its home cinema release next week and will be available in high definition for Blu-ray owners.

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Samsung beats rivals for price

Samsung DVD 'beats rivals on price'

02 Apr 2008 15:26

Samsung offers a DVD player/recorder that beats a number of its rivals on price, according to a new review.

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Sony raises the bar with a new range of Bravias

Sony raise the bar with W4000 series

01 Apr 2008 23:03

Sony has launched a range of new LCD TV panels that will prove difficult for its rivals to beat, according to an article for PC Advisor.

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What is the future of LCD TV?

The future of LCD TV?

01 Apr 2008 23:01

As LCD TV quality continues to make leaps ahead an article for TG Daily has suggested that the next phase of LCD technology could already be here.

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32-inch Sony breaks with tradition

32-inch Sony breaks with tradition

01 Apr 2008 22:59

Sony's popular range of Bravia LCD TV panels may usually be synonymous with high performance, but according to a new review there is one that bucks the trend.

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New LG range 'not just a pretty face'

Stylish LG is 'not just a pretty fascia'

01 Apr 2008 22:58

The latest 50PG6000 from LG is as "sumptuous" to look at as one would come to expect from the manufacturer, it has been suggested.

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Samsung is back with a pretty new range

Classy new Samsung series 'on the way'

01 Apr 2008 22:56

Samsung's new range of flat panel screens offer something a little special on the outside as well as on the inside, according to a new article.

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Has Panasonic achieved perfection?

Panasonic achieves "perfection"

01 Apr 2008 22:46

Panasonic's Viera range has long been associated with quality, but its latest 37-inch is nothing less than "perfection" a new review claims.

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High quality screens are easy to come by

HD panels are 'boosting consumer expectations'

01 Apr 2008 22:45

High definition quality and rapidly improving LCD and plasma televisions are bringing the level of user experience to a point where they have "transformed the shape of television", it has been suggested.

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GTA4: Now with downloadable audio option

Video gamers given GTA4 audio option

31 Mar 2008 17:44

Console fans have been given the chance to download the music from the up and coming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) sequel - while they are still playing, it has emerged.

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New budget Tosh: ideal for a second room.

Budget Toshiba is a second-room winner

31 Mar 2008 17:43

A new review has highlighted the latest 20-inch LCD panel from Toshiba as ideal for home cinema fans looking for a second room solution.

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CRT screens: around for some time yet?

CRT screens 'will be around for some time'

31 Mar 2008 17:42

The death of the cathode ray tube (CRT) screen may have been greatly exaggerated, according to one expert.

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The 'year of the LCD' could be filled with oddities.

Oddball panels add to the 'year of the LCD TV'

31 Mar 2008 17:41

There are a number of things to suggest 2008 could be the year of the LCD TV but this will also bring with it some flat panel curiosities, it has been suggested.

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50 Cent

50 Cent makes Xbox and PlayStation return

28 Mar 2008 16:54

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers can expect to see hip-hop superstar 50 Cent and his G Unit friends on their screens soon, it has emerged.

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It could be too soon to trade up for HD

DVD 'will be here for some time'

28 Mar 2008 16:53

High definition (HD) formats such as Blu-ray are the current talk of the home entertainment market, but standard definition (SD) DVD will be here for some time, it has been suggested.

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The store is offering more for SD DVD than HD DVD

Best Buy issues another HD DVD blow

28 Mar 2008 16:51

Toshiba's ill-fated high definition format HD DVD received another nail in its coffin this week as a major US retailer began clearing discs from its stores.

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Are more greener screens on the way?

Green flat panel screens 'in demand'

27 Mar 2008 17:33

With more people placing an emphasis on CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change more is being expected from flat panel TV manufacturers, according to one expert.

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Less energy use from Phillips' latest

Phillips launch the EcoFlat TV

27 Mar 2008 17:32

Phillips have announced the launch of a new 42-inch LCD TV screen that offers increased energy-efficiency without cutting the picture quality.

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Panasonic was present in the list

High-end plasmas given chart treatment

26 Mar 2008 17:37

Home cinema fans looking to get the best available flat screen televisions have been advised on the top ten high end plasma units in a new review.

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Sony follows up the hype

Sony: like a rainbow?

25 Mar 2008 17:33

Sony has followed up its popular Bravia TV adverts with an LCD panel that adds to the range, a new review has highlighted.

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