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What is RSS?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed allows you to see whenever anything new is added to a website, without checking it all the time to see if it has been updated. The latest news is sent straight to you . from as many websites as you like, so you can just check one place rather than each individual site.

Sign up to the Life Style Technology news RSS feed

Signing up to the RSS feed is very simple. If you already use Google, My Yahoo!, My AOL, Bloglines or newsgator just click the appropriate button on the left hand navigation on every page to add the feed.

How to Set up RSS

If you're not already signed up with an RSS reader you can still use the buttons on the left and follow the simple instructions to create an account. Or follow the steps below. We have used Bloglines as an example reader, which is free to subscribe to and very simple to use. Follow these steps to sign up and to set up the feed:

Step One

On the bloglines homepage click on the "Sign Up Now It's Free" button. Fill out the form with your email address to create a new account. Click "register".

Step Two

Within moments, an email from bloglines will appear in your inbox. Click on the link within the email to validate the address.

Step Three

To add the RSS feed, click on the "Subscribe to my Selections" button on the bottom right corner of the window that has opened.

Step Four

You need to add the URL for to the "Blog or Feed URL:" box. You can do this by copying and pasting the following URL:

or by right clicking on the orange "RSS subscribe" button in the left hand navigation bar on every page, selecting "Copy Shortcut" and then pasting it into the box.

Click subscribe and you're all set...

Viewing your feeds

To view your feeds click on the link on the "My Feeds" tab in the left hand panel. (You can add many more feeds than the one by following the same procedure. Most websites use an orange button with RSS marked on it, from which you can drag the URL to the feed reader. The BBC and the Guardian, for example, both have RSS feeds.)