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Modern fairy tale comes to Blu-ray

02 Apr 2008 15:28

Enchanted is a fairy tale in New York Disney's critically acclaimed Enchanted gets its home cinema release next week and will be available in high definition for Blu-ray owners.

Heading next week's major releases on the format, the film will offer the perfect tonic for home cinema fans looking to settle down with the family for an evening of classic fairy tale adventure that takes an occasional dig at the Disney classics it is inspired by.

The film tells the tale of a princess named Giselle, played by Amy Adams, who is sent tumbling from her animated fairy tale land into modern day New York, by the jealous stepmother of her prince charming.

Continuing in live-action, Giselle is forced to deal with the reality of the city and the cynical attitude of the divorce lawyer attempting to help her.

According to, the Blu-ray disc will also contain a number of features including bloopers, deleted scenes, and Pip's Predicament: A Pop-Up Adventure.

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