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The future of LCD TV?

01 Apr 2008 23:01

What is the future of LCD TV? As LCD TV quality continues to make leaps ahead an article for TG Daily has suggested that the next phase of LCD technology could already be here.

The website notes that a new panel has been unveiled by Dolby and Sim2 which uses an extra high-dynamic-range offering increased levels of colour and brightness.

It is reported that the Quad HDTVs, which has been the talk of the industry for some time, offer little in the way of enhanced resolution on their modern competitors, but instead give "much brighter colours and a virtually infinite contrast ratio".

The site goes on to suggest that the Dolby and Sim2 46-inch model that has made an appearance recently uses a new type of backlight unit that has 1838 individual LEDs capable of maintaining a full high definition 1920x1080p resolution.

According to a statement released by Dolby, home cinema fans can expect "picture quality that matches real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and colour".

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