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Samsung beats rivals for price

Samsung DVD 'beats rivals on price'

02 Apr 2008 15:26

Samsung offers a DVD player/recorder that beats a number of its rivals on price, according to a new review.

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What is the future of LCD TV?

The future of LCD TV?

01 Apr 2008 23:01

As LCD TV quality continues to make leaps ahead an article for TG Daily has suggested that the next phase of LCD technology could already be here.

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High quality screens are easy to come by

HD panels are 'boosting consumer expectations'

01 Apr 2008 22:45

High definition quality and rapidly improving LCD and plasma televisions are bringing the level of user experience to a point where they have "transformed the shape of television", it has been suggested.

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Wall mounting is popular but can be a "challenge"

Motorized mounts offer glare-free viewing

12 Mar 2008 14:55

Avoiding glare when mounting a flat panel LCD or plasma TV can be tricky, but one company has come up with an innovative solution, it has emerged.

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OLED TVs could have some way yet to go

OLED 'not yet better than LCD and plasma'

25 Feb 2008 12:53

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions offer technology that is some of the "hottest" around but are not yet as high performance as their LCD and plasma predecessors, according to

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The speakers offered a solid performance on Jet-Li's War

Audio Pro "goes hell for leather"

20 Feb 2008 13:07

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The new project or is expected to be popular

Bravia range adopts new projector

30 Jan 2008 17:00

Sony has unveiled the latest addition to its popular Bravia range with a brand new high definition (HD) projector.

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The Nano now comes in pink

New pink iPod Nano debuts in time for Valentine's Day

23 Jan 2008 17:25

Apple has recently launched its video iPod Nano in a new shocking pink colour - just in time for Valentine's Day.

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Playing computer games could be even better with a new monitor

New computer monitors from Samsung

21 Jan 2008 17:23

A new range of computer monitors designed to offer an "enhanced" experience to consumers looking to buy such an item has been launched by Samsung Electronics America.

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The new player is fully iPod compatible

Phillips introduces iPod friendly portable DVD player

11 Jan 2008 12:32

Phillips has launched a new portable DVD player that not only offers a choice of screen sizes but also has iPod connectivity, it has emerged.

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Cheaper technology could mean a more competitive LCD market

LCD prices predicted to drop

28 Dec 2007 15:30

The cost of producing liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions is predicted to drop by up to 16 per cent over the next three years, industry experts have predicted.

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Digital switchover

Digital TV switchover 'going ahead well'

27 Dec 2007 16:06

Most people will be ready for the digital TV switchover as the project continues to proceed on schedule for 2012, one expert has suggested.

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The subwoofer is designed to make TV sound so much better

Symmetry to distribute new 'smart' subwoofer

30 Nov 2007 16:00

A brand new subwoofer from Thiel Audio is to be put on the UK market by distributor Symmetry.

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With one of KEF's systems, watching TV will have a cinematic quality

New home cinema systems from KEF

30 Nov 2007 15:00

A brand new series of home cinema products has been unveiled by KEF.

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Customers should embrace new technology such as Blu-ray

Don't wait until the dust settles

29 Nov 2007 15:34

The Samsung BD-P1400 is one of the best Blu-ray players on the market and regardless of the second-generation format war, consumers should still be interested in purchasing it.

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Harry and his chums could soon be part of a cool new boxset

Special edition Harry Potter 5

15 Nov 2007 15:29

Warner Home Video is to launch a special boxset of the first five Harry Potter films on DVD, Blu-ray disc and HD DVD.

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Shoppers just aren't sure which is best!

High-def disc format war 'a stalemate'

12 Nov 2007 18:15

We don't know about you mangotangoers but sometimes we feel as though we are going round in circles when it comes to this Blu-ray disc verses HD DVD malarkey.

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Led Zeppelin will soon be on HD

Led Zep to rock out on HD

07 Nov 2007 14:02

Classic 70s rock band Led Zeppelin are to re-release their concert film This Song Remains the Same in high definition.

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Warner is sticking with both formats for now

Warner stays firmly in the middle

06 Nov 2007 13:00

Contradiction is hard to escape from sometimes, particularly in the public arena. So perhaps it shouldn't take you by surprise to hear that someone from Warner Home Video has piped up to contest the firm's recent comments about backing Blu-ray.

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Some people will not feel the need to update, according to the study

Low-cost DVDs 'real competitor' for HD and Blu-ray

30 Oct 2007 11:50

They may be battling against each other for the title of top second-generation DVD format, but it seems that both Blu-ray and HD DVD are underestimating their predecessor.

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Will Samsung be bringing out the player in time for Christmas?

Samsung to launch dual format player in December?

26 Oct 2007 15:22

Electronics giant Samsung has reportedly announced that it is to launch it's eagerly anticipated dual-format high-definition disc player in December - just in time for Christmas.

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Will you have a lovely big telly in your stocking this year?!

All I want for Christmas is a telly

22 Oct 2007 16:00

Today, being October 22nd, brings us ever closer to that most magical of events, Christmas. And while it is still a good few weeks until we can start hanging up the decorations, that doesn't excuse many people from thinking of presents and it seems that a high-definition television is riding high at the top of several lists.

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Nokia has unveiled a swish new product

Snazzy new internet tablet from Nokia

18 Oct 2007 13:55

Now, we know that news of a fab new technologically-advanced product is usually exciting enough to blow your socks off but please refrain from ruining another pair of comfortable tootsie warmers just yet or else you'll get distracted and won't find out all the details!

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Harrison Ford is the star of Blade Runner

Blade Runner on Blu-ray and HD DVD

15 Oct 2007 17:42

Absolutely splendid news, mangotangoers! One of the most important films from the sci-fi genre is making its way onto HD.

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Could there be a new contender in the second-gen DVD market?

Introducing HD VMD

11 Oct 2007 14:02

VHS battled it out with Betamax, won, and was then superseded by DVD. Now, DVD looks set to be usurped by Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs - but could there be another contender waiting in the wings?

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Longing for a PC that could work as a TV? Soon you could live that dream!

The all-in-one PC and LCD TV

09 Oct 2007 11:33

Convenience is a big concern for many people in today's busy society, isn't it? For instance, it's all well and good knowing which high-definition television you want to buy, but how quickly can you get it home and watch it?!

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300 has proven to be rather popular for HD fans

Sales of 300 'set new standards'

04 Oct 2007 14:30

Trying to get to grips with whether you should be cheering on Blu-ray or backing HD DVD can be a bit of a complex issue, especially if you have a keen interest in all things techy.

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Aspire M5630 Computer series supports both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs

The HD DVD Blu-ray PC

02 Oct 2007 13:00

Tuesday is never the most exciting day of the week is it? Monday is done and dusted, but it's still a pretty long stretch until the weekend. Still, there is always some interesting news at good old mangotango to keep your brain merrily ticking over until Saturday rolls into view!

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MP3 players, DVD players and digital cameras by Nickleodeon

Nickelodeon launches kids' entertainment tech

21 Sep 2007 18:04

Products that cater for kids' increasing technical know-how have been launched by Nickelodeon.

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Sharp and Pioneer team up

20 Sep 2007 17:00

Consumer electronics manufacturer Sharp has teamed up with rival Pioneer to work on the creation of next generation DVD players, display screens and car electronics.

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Digital Light Processing (DLP) by Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments get set for DLP HD launch

19 Sep 2007 17:06

Texas Instruments has launched a new advertising campaign worth approximately £50 million as it prepares for the launch of DLP HD technology.

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ViewSonic VA Series of widescreen LCD screens

New widescreen LCD from ViewSonic

18 Sep 2007 16:50

Screen maker ViewSonic has introduced a new addition to its VA Series of widescreen LCD monitors, the 19 inch VA1926w, a widescreen display capable of handling panoramic viewing and HD video content on desktop.

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Home networks and High-Definition TVs to be more popular

Consumer technologies set for growth

17 Sep 2007 16:53

Consumer electronics for the "digital home", such as high definition (HD) TVs and home networks, will be the fastest growing consumer technologies during the next five years, according to a new study.

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LG has reduced the price of its dual format HD DVD player: The BH200 player

LG reduces price of dual format player

05 Sep 2007 11:30

Oo we love a bit of a bargain. Particularly if it means that we will be able to tap into two rather interesting corners of the technological market.

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The GO 920 T: New voice recognition satellite Navigation system by Tom Tom

New voice recognition sat nav

30 Aug 2007 15:30

A swish new sat-nat system which features a voice-recognition function has been showcased by Tom Tom.

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iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for your iPod

Introducing the iMirror iPod dock

23 Aug 2007 13:30

Accessories for iPods aren't exactly few and far between - but it's still nice to know when something new hits the market, right? Of course it is! Which is why, faithful mangotangoers, we've lined up this juicy bit of news for you.

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Sony to promote high-definition products

Sony's big HD push

20 Aug 2007 13:00

High definition, it seems, is the way forward. At least, for a certain electronics firm that is.

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UK rely on Satellite Navigation

Sat navs increasingly popular

20 Aug 2007 11:19

More and more of us seem to be relying on technology to complete day-to-day activities. Which is hardly surprising given how useful all those fab gadgets and gizmos can be!

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Samsung and LG have both been recognised for the quality of their Electronics products

Samsung and LG scoop top awards

17 Aug 2007 09:47

Ahh, Friday. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and mangotango has, yet again, got some great technology news for you. How marvellous!

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The iS2 a new waterproof case for iPod shuffle

Waterproof shuffle

15 Aug 2007 14:00

Being that its summer - yes, we know it's been raining, but at least it's warm?! - many people will be eagerly packing their bags and setting off on a well-earned holiday.

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Samsung sued by Sharp over infringed LCD patents

Sharp in LCD patent row with Samsung

07 Aug 2007 10:05

Oh dear, it seems that you can't be too careful with your top-of-the-range designs these days, as Sharp has just found out.

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The Samsung SGH-F500 Ultra Video

Samsung's mobile TV

02 Aug 2007 15:00

As the world and its dog seem to be making just about everything much, much bigger, one company has thrown caution to the wind and decided to make something much, much smaller!

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TomTom new sat-nav with built-in camera

Sat-nav that can show AND tell?

05 Jul 2007 15:00

For those fed up with maps, incorrectly reading maps, and getting lost, satellite navigation systems must have been the best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe not sliced bread, but certainly since maps anyway.

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Apple's iPhone

iPhone released today

29 Jun 2007 14:38

The iPhone, one of the market's most hotly anticipated mobile phones, has been released in the US today.

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Shuttle Inc. Launched PC for Home Theatre Personal Computer enthusiastic

New PC for HTPC lovers

26 Jun 2007 15:00

Are you struggling to work out what the acronym in the title stands for? Shame on you, you're supposed to be a techie! Oh alright, we'll tell you, but only if you promise to come back tomorrow and read more of mangotango's fabulous news. Good, that's settled.

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Samsung's Solid State Drive (SSD) to be used in notebook PCs.

Samsung's shiny new SSD for notebooks

26 Jun 2007 13:30

Are you on the lookout for a new PC or laptop? Fed up with the slowness of your current machine, need more memory, or need another computer because the kids are always using yours to look on Facebook?

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Buy affordable LCD monitors from Viewsonic

LCD monitors from Viewsonic that won't break the bank

26 Jun 2007 12:04

As music legend Vanilla Ice once said - stop, collaborate and listen. Because mangtango has some juicy technology goss for you.

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Wear your iPod like glasses by  Myvu

Myvu launches Made for iPod media viewer

25 Jun 2007 15:00

A media viewer which users can wear like glasses and then watch videos downloaded via iTunes has been launched today (Monday) by Myvu.

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The VAIO RM1N desktop is a High-Definition workstation from Sony

'Ultimate HD workstation' from Sony

20 Jun 2007 14:37

As you are well aware (and if you are not then you will be very soon), high-definition is rapidly getting its fingers into many technology pies.

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Samsung present fashion mobile phones, including the SGH-E950, the E840 and the J600

Over 50 new mobile phones from Samsung

19 Jun 2007 12:56

Mobile phones, as with most other pieces of modern technology, seem to be updated almost every other week. Sometimes it can feel as those all these fancy new gadgets and gizmos are whizzing by at such a pace that it's hard to latch on to the latest top product.

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Interested in buying an iPhone?

Millions of Brits want an iPhone

18 Jun 2007 13:40

Getting your hands on the latest piece of up-to-the-minute technology is a must for many people - particularly if the gadget in question is a cool new phone that incorporates an insanely popular MP4 player.

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The Toshiba HD DVD VARDIA RD-A600

Toshiba unveils new HD DVD recorders

14 Jun 2007 16:00

Still debating whether you should go down the path of Blu-ray or HD??

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The Vaio VCR-Series: New notebook range from Sony

New sassy notebook from Sony

13 Jun 2007 14:40

Sony has unveiled its latest Vaio notebook, combining sleek style with on-the-move functionality.

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New Sony Ericsson mobile phone will not include features of the PSP

New Sony Ericsson phone not based on PSP

12 Jun 2007 15:00

The latest mobile phone from Sony Ericsson will not be based on the PSP, according to a report from Reuters.

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Sony has launched new portable DVD player: The DVP-FX850

Sony unveils new portable DVD player

12 Jun 2007 12:53

With the summer almost here, many people will be gearing up for a holiday and some well-earned rest and relaxation.

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Toshiba will have a HD DVD drive on all of its laptop computers.

HD drives for all Toshiba laptops

08 Jun 2007 12:25

Blu-ray Discs or HD DVDs? HD or Blu-ray? HD? Are you sure?

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Toshiba SD-L912A: Slim HD DVD rewritable drive for Computers and laptops

New slim HD DVD-RW drive launched by Toshiba

05 Jun 2007 15:00

Does it ever seem to you that new technology can go one of two ways? New TVs for instance, are often impressively big, while mobile phones are increasingly becoming ingeniously small.

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TomTom lead sells of Satellite Navigations Syatems

TomTom sells record numbers of sat navs

31 May 2007 17:54

The name that springs to most people's minds when they think of Sat Nav devices is Dutch firm TomTom, and for good reason.

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The VAIO FZ-Series notebook by Sony

New HD ready notebook from Sony

14 May 2007 11:15

Do you ever spent time surfing the net, reading high quality technology news on your favourite online retailer site, and think to yourself, 'my coumpter just isn't what it used to be'.

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JVC has launched new products range including 65 inch LCD TV

JVC launches new products

08 May 2007 16:03

Don't you just love it when a brand spanking new piece of shiny technology becomes available?

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