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Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500?

29 Feb 2008 18:44

Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500? Buying a flat screen plasma or LCD panel for under £500 is not easy but can be done if you look in the right place, according to Tech Radar.

The website states that thjere are a number of high definition (HD) televisions currently on the market that offer great value and that although it "certainly isn't easy" to find these, they do exist.

It is noted that falling prices have meant that there are a number of screens available for £500 or under - and one of the best is the 32-inch JVC LT32DA8BJ.

The LCD screen is praised for its connectivity and DynaPix image processing technology and the article adds that another "exceptionally attractive" option is the LG 32LC46 – which it states "scores highly on HD clarity".

A recent article for Business Week suggested that although over this price range the Panasonic 50PZ77U offers plenty of "bang for the buck".

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