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Sony raises the bar with a new range of Bravias

Sony raise the bar with W4000 series

01 Apr 2008 23:03

Sony has launched a range of new LCD TV panels that will prove difficult for its rivals to beat, according to an article for PC Advisor.

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32-inch Sony breaks with tradition

32-inch Sony breaks with tradition

01 Apr 2008 22:59

Sony's popular range of Bravia LCD TV panels may usually be synonymous with high performance, but according to a new review there is one that bucks the trend.

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New LG range 'not just a pretty face'

Stylish LG is 'not just a pretty fascia'

01 Apr 2008 22:58

The latest 50PG6000 from LG is as "sumptuous" to look at as one would come to expect from the manufacturer, it has been suggested.

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Samsung is back with a pretty new range

Classy new Samsung series 'on the way'

01 Apr 2008 22:56

Samsung's new range of flat panel screens offer something a little special on the outside as well as on the inside, according to a new article.

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Has Panasonic achieved perfection?

Panasonic achieves "perfection"

01 Apr 2008 22:46

Panasonic's Viera range has long been associated with quality, but its latest 37-inch is nothing less than "perfection" a new review claims.

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New budget Tosh: ideal for a second room.

Budget Toshiba is a second-room winner

31 Mar 2008 17:43

A new review has highlighted the latest 20-inch LCD panel from Toshiba as ideal for home cinema fans looking for a second room solution.

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CRT screens: around for some time yet?

CRT screens 'will be around for some time'

31 Mar 2008 17:42

The death of the cathode ray tube (CRT) screen may have been greatly exaggerated, according to one expert.

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The 'year of the LCD' could be filled with oddities.

Oddball panels add to the 'year of the LCD TV'

31 Mar 2008 17:41

There are a number of things to suggest 2008 could be the year of the LCD TV but this will also bring with it some flat panel curiosities, it has been suggested.

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Are more greener screens on the way?

Green flat panel screens 'in demand'

27 Mar 2008 17:33

With more people placing an emphasis on CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change more is being expected from flat panel TV manufacturers, according to one expert.

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Less energy use from Phillips' latest

Phillips launch the EcoFlat TV

27 Mar 2008 17:32

Phillips have announced the launch of a new 42-inch LCD TV screen that offers increased energy-efficiency without cutting the picture quality.

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Panasonic was present in the list

High-end plasmas given chart treatment

26 Mar 2008 17:37

Home cinema fans looking to get the best available flat screen televisions have been advised on the top ten high end plasma units in a new review.

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Sony follows up the hype

Sony: like a rainbow?

25 Mar 2008 17:33

Sony has followed up its popular Bravia TV adverts with an LCD panel that adds to the range, a new review has highlighted.

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Panasonic knows contrast ratios are vital

New Viera models boost blacks

25 Mar 2008 17:11

A high contrast ratio is essential on a new flat screen and the latest range of plasma and LCD TVs from Panasonic have plenty, it has been suggested.

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Phillips is back

Phillips offer 42-inches of 'splendour'

25 Mar 2008 17:06

Phillips have launched a 42-inch model that is not only "stunning" to look at but also offers a range of features and connectivity options, it has been noted.

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More screens on the way from Sharp this month

Sharp add to entry-level range

20 Mar 2008 16:41

Sharp has announced that buyers looking for a new entry-level LCD TV will have more to choose from buy the end of the month.

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Fireplaces: not the best spot for your new panel

Flat TVs and fireplaces: A safe combination?

20 Mar 2008 16:40

Consumers who may have invested in a new LCD or plasma television have been advised that they need to be careful where they mount their screen, reports.

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Panasonic television

Panasonic 'makes the best better'

19 Mar 2008 17:21

Panasonic has made improvements to a 50-inch plasma screen that was once described as one of the best around, according to a new article for Big Picture Big Sound.

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Samsung is backing the Halo 3 Tournament

Samsung LCD backs video game tournament

19 Mar 2008 17:19

South Korean LCD TV manufacturer Samsung has announced that it will back the Official Halo 3 Tournament, it has emerged.

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Blacks look better on the Kuro range

Pioneer Kuro range 'offer astonishing blacks'

18 Mar 2008 17:29

The Pioneer Kuro range have built on their name by offering some of the best black levels available in the LCD TV market, according to one expert.

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There are plenrty of screens out there ... but which is right?

Consumers advised on LCD TV shopping

17 Mar 2008 16:52

There are a number of things to bear in mind when shopping for a high definition LCD TV panel, according to a new article for the Fresh News website.

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The CRT screen may not yet be gone

CRT TVs 'not dead yet'

17 Mar 2008 16:49

As plasma sales continue to boom and LCD panel technology improves rapidly, one company has advised that cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs are not yet dead.

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Panasonic viewers can expect to experience deep blacks

Panasonic pushing contrast boundaries

14 Mar 2008 16:03

Big Picture Big Sound has lauded the new line of HDTVs for their contrast ratio (also known as black level reproduction), indicating that most exhibit superior contrast levels to their 2007 counterparts.

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A big year for Panasonic

Panasonic's 2008 rollout continues

13 Mar 2008 11:20

Panasonic will continue to rollout models that will aim to push for "quality, connectivity and customer service" in 2008, Dealerscope reports.

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Is Sony back on top form?

Sony returns triumphantly to TV

13 Mar 2008 11:19

Sony's latest 46-inch Bravia LCD harks back to the manufacturer's legendary cathode ray models, one reviewer has suggested.

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A HD first from Panasonic

A high definition 'first' from Panasonic

10 Mar 2008 17:22

The latest 32-inch LCD panel from Panasonic achieves something that the manufacturer had previously been unable to achieve, according to a new review.

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The manufacturer builds on its range

New Panasonic screens offer 'tripled contrast ratio'

10 Mar 2008 17:20

Panasonic is to Launch 12 new LCD and plasma TVs that will triple the contrast ratios of their predecessors, it has emerged.

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The manufacturer's new range is pretty in pink

Samsung launches new luxury LCD range

07 Mar 2008 11:51

Samsung has announced that it will launch a new range of LCD TVs later this year that will focus on "colour and eco-friendliness".

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clarity is on the manu for Hitachi's latest

Hitachi 47in offers "clarity, quality and sharpness"

06 Mar 2008 17:25

For consumers looking to buy the right plasma screen there are some things to bear in mind and HDTV News claims a new model from Hitachi has them all.

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Pioneer adds to its 50-inch range

New Pioneer tops sibling

05 Mar 2008 17:12

Pioneer's latest 50-inch LX508D comes equipped with an extra level of quality that put it way ahead of the 508XD, according to a new review.

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Pioneer will move away from plasma production

Pioneer to focus on new LCD panels

04 Mar 2008 14:00

Pioneer has announced that it is to stop production of plasma TV panels and focus its attention on the growing LCD TV market.

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JVC: the next dimension?

JVC adds to its 'innovative range'

03 Mar 2008 13:31

JVC has been praised for its high definition additions to the LCD TV market and its latest 42-inch model is highlighted as no exception.

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The new Samsung has been hailed as a best buy

Samsung offering "bargain of the year"

03 Mar 2008 13:29

Samsung's 37-inch LE37R87BD LCD TV is not only a great looking screen but is also "one of the bargains of the year," according to a new review.

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Panasonic has been praised for its prices

Panasonic plasma offers "bang for the buck"

29 Feb 2008 18:46

The latest 50-inch plasma TV from Panasonic not only offers high quality and affordability but proves the manufacturer is at the top of its game, according to a review.

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Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500?

Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500?

29 Feb 2008 18:44

Buying a flat screen plasma or LCD panel for under £500 is not easy but can be done if you look in the right place, according to Tech Radar.

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Hitachi adds to the plasma market

Hitachi 50-inch is a smooth operator

28 Feb 2008 20:03

A new plasma screen from Hitachi builds on the manufacturer's reputation for quality as well as offering smooth visuals and impressive colour, according to a new review.

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LG has previously concentrated on Freeview sets

LG drops the TV for more HD

28 Feb 2008 20:01

Home cinema fans unimpressed by LG's latest attempts to incorporate Freeview into their LCD TV panels may be interested in the 37LF75, according to a new review.

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Bigger is better for Panasonic

Panasonic updates 103-inch plasma

27 Feb 2008 20:40

Home cinema fans willing to shell out around $70,000 (£35,537) for one of the biggest screens in the business may be interested to hear it just got a little better.

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LCD screens are more popular than ever

LCD panels top CRT shipments

25 Feb 2008 12:55

LCD TV shipments have surpassed the number of traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) screens for the first time, a new report claims.

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The manufacturer is bouncing back

New Toshiba range targets the upgrade market

25 Feb 2008 12:54

Toshiba is set to release a new range of high definition (HD) LCD TVs that target the entry-level market and consumers looking to upgrade their old cathode ray tube screens.

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Sony has topped its closest rival

Sony tops Samsung in the LCD market

25 Feb 2008 12:51

A new report has revealed that Sony has taken the crown of the world's favourite LCD TV manufacturer, taking over from Samsung, Bloomberg reports.

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The new Aquos range will be limited edition only

New 'special edition' Aquos launched

25 Feb 2008 12:50

Sharp has launched a special edition range of its high performance Aquos series that the Japanese manufacturer claims is "stunning", hidden reports.

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will the manufacturer roll out its carbon fbre screens?

Toshiba to use carbon fibres?

25 Feb 2008 12:48

Toshiba could soon release a new range of high definition (HD) LCD TVs that use carbon fibre casing to improve the weight of their screens.

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Hitachi offers a wide range of LCD and plasma screens

New Hitachi 37-inch offers quality and affordability

20 Feb 2008 13:09

A new 37-inch LCD TV panel from Hitachi has been noted for its "outstanding" connectivity and high performance by Trusted Reviews.

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Panasonic has not given up on plasma

LCDs outnumber but plasma is not yet outgunned

19 Feb 2008 12:31

Panasonic's latest 42-inch TH42PZ70B panel proves that plasma panels have not given up the fight, according to a new review.

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Samsung has a new range scheduled for Spring 2008

"Potent" Samsung precedes new spring range

19 Feb 2008 12:30

Samsung may have a new range emerging soon, but one article has noted that one of their most recent 50-inch plasma TVs is still a solid purchase.

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Pioneer already has a stake in the plasma TV industry

Pioneer moves into small-screen LCD market

18 Feb 2008 13:49

Consumer electronics company Pioneer has announced it is to expand its range of flat screen TVs, according to

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Designers were not the only things attracting attention at London Fashion Week

LG televisions are set-a-porter!

18 Feb 2008 13:48

A new range of LCD TVs from LG have been unveiled that are more style conscious than some of their predecessors, according to

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The new screen is already on the market

New 42-inch LCD panel is "elegant and simple"

15 Feb 2008 13:37

HannSpree has launched a new 42-inch LCD TV panel that is as beautiful to look at as it is simple to use, according to a new review.

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Sharp will make 'greener' LCD panels

Sharp announces greener screen initiative

15 Feb 2008 13:35

Sharp has unveiled plans to make its range of LCD TVs more ecologically focussed by way of improving production processes.

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LG is building on the innovation of its older models

Super-slim LG coming "sooner rather than later"

15 Feb 2008 13:34

LG's anticipated new ultra-slim 42-inch model could be made available sooner than has previously been suggested, according to an article for endgadgetHD.

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Samsung's latest plasma adds to the manufacturer's range

Samsung 50-inch gets the chocolate treatment

14 Feb 2008 14:34

A new review for Samsung's 50-inch HP-T5064 has considered the units colour and light handling abilities, with Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory used as a barometer for testing.

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Samsung continue to update their screens' technology

New Samsung 70in "the pinnacle of full HD"

13 Feb 2008 14:40

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has released a new LCD TV which it is claiming offers "no ordinary viewing experience."

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The Pioneer Kuro range is a popular series

New Kuro panels 'cause for excitement'

13 Feb 2008 14:39

Pioneer has added to its popular flagship Kuro series with 50 and 60-inch panels that use around two million pixels to build a sharp and impressive picture.

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The Blu-ray format is going from strength to strength

Best Buy and Netflix backing Blu-ray

12 Feb 2008 13:26

Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US, has given a further boost to Blu-ray with the announcement that it will be recommending the format across its chain of stores, according to the BBC news website.

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The LG screen features built in digital TV

LG offers new Freeview playback LCD

12 Feb 2008 13:24

LG have released a new 37-inch LCD TV screen that offers a great solution for those who do not want to spend money on subscription channels, one review suggests.

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Samsung has a presence in both the LCD and plasma markets

Samsung heads the 'plasma comeback'

12 Feb 2008 13:23

The number of LCD TVs on the market may mean that the units are "the hot ticket" but this does not mean there are not any great plasma screens out there, according to one expert.

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LG LCD television

New LG 42-inch offers extreme colour

11 Feb 2008 15:36

LG's latest 42-inch LCD TV builds on the manufacturer's reputation while employing new high performance features, according to a new review.

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More colour shades with the new Toshiba television series

'Over 1bn colour shades' with ZF series LCD TVs

08 Feb 2008 18:05

Toshiba's new ZF series of televisions display more than one billion shades of colour in total, according to a new report.

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Thiner screens on the way in the coming years

Hitachi set to develop thinner screens

08 Feb 2008 17:36

Hitachi has announced plans for the development of a new plasma screen with a thickness of ten mm, a report claims.

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picture quality continues to get better with HD TVs

HD TVs 'improving all the time'

07 Feb 2008 17:09

The image quality available through a HD TV is continuing to improve and costs have fallen considerably in recent years, a new survey has found.

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Panasonic are set to offer greener TVs

Panasonic to reduce power usage

06 Feb 2008 17:51

Matsushita, which is the manufacturer behind the Panasonic brand, is to develop a range of plasma TVs that use half as much power as the current models on offer from the firm.

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Pioneer has produced a new ultra-slim television

Pioneer produce 50in version of ultra-slim prototype

06 Feb 2008 17:09

A 50 inch version of Pioneer's Advanced Design Concept plasma prototype has just been produced with staggering proportions.

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sharp images and strong colours

Toshiba offers crisp images

05 Feb 2008 17:44

Toshiba's 42LX177 LCD TV offers crisp and clear images, regardless of whether motion is being displayed, a new review states.

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quality viewing for all the family

Quality not compromised

05 Feb 2008 17:42

Hannspree offers one of the "cheapest" high definition (HD) TVs around with its XV32 GT model, it has been claimed.

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Mitsubishi's latest offering looks set to transform the HDTV experience

Best picture quality could be achieved by Mitsubishi LaserTV

04 Feb 2008 17:29

This year's expected launch of the Mitsubishi LaserTV could be the most significant development in HDTV during 2008.

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Various factors should be considered when buying a TV.

TV buyers 'should look beyond contrast ratio'

04 Feb 2008 17:14

Potential buyers of high-definition TVs or other big-screen sets have been given some tips on what aspects of the products they should pay most attention to.

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Style can be an important factor in buying a new screen

Stylish Sharp is "stunning in white"

01 Feb 2008 13:53

A new 19-inch LCD TV from Sharp has been described as "stunning in white" by a new review and highlighted as a solution for those looking for a second-room screen.

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The manufacturer's new model has hidden talents

New Sanyo LCD 'better than it looks'

01 Feb 2008 13:51

A new LCD TV from Sanyo may not be the most stylish in the world but when it comes to high definition (HD support it delivers the goods, according to a new review.

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Panasonic adds to its range

Panasonic 42in offers picture 'better than any other'

31 Jan 2008 17:20

Panasonic's latest 42-inch entry into the plasma TV market has been given a solid review by The PC Advisor website.

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The Olympics could make many people look for a new screen

2008 Sport calendar 'could boost LCD TV market'

30 Jan 2008 17:33

More people could be opting for LCD TV panels as a number of major events on the sporting calendar approach, according to an article for Smarthouse News.

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The retailers move could prove significant

Woolworths drops HD DVD

29 Jan 2008 14:00

HD DVD was dealt another serious blow this week in the high definition (HD) format war as Woolworths announced it would now stock only Blu-ray discs.

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The Toshiba range continues to bloom

Toshiba offers new feature-packed screen

29 Jan 2008 13:58

A new review has suggested that not only is Toshiba's latest 47-inch model as stylish as its little brother, but it also packs a punch in terms of features.

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The Aquos range is already enjoyed by many

Sharp to launch three new Aquos panels

29 Jan 2008 13:57

It has emerged that Sharp is to add to its range of LCD TV panels by bringing three new entries to the market.

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The Sharp screen is ideal for families on a budget

New sharp 32in is a budget blinder

28 Jan 2008 17:27

A new 32-inch LCD panel from Sharp has been singled out as a great entry into the manufacturer's range by a new review.

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Mirai is still new to the growing UK LCD market

Mirai announces new LCD range

28 Jan 2008 17:26

Mirai has announced it is to roll out a range of LCD TV panels across Europe starting with a 32 and 42-inch models.

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Family watching TV

Virtues of wireless TV extolled

25 Jan 2008 17:16

The wireless capabilities of the Samsung FPT5894 plasma TV have various advantages, it has been suggested.

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Sharp unveils "super-thin" TVs

Super-thin TVs from Sharp

24 Jan 2008 15:47

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Analogue TVs no longer available at some retailers

DSG to take analogue TVs off the shelf

24 Jan 2008 11:52

DSG International has become the first electronic retailer to stop stocking analogue televisions and move to a 100 per cent digital range.

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Families can look forward to panasonic's new offering

Panasonic unveils 17-inch HDTV

22 Jan 2008 17:43

Panasonic has unveiled its new compact 17-inch HDTV to be shipped in five colours from February 15th onwards.

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Watch an even better picture with a new HDTV

The best five HDTVs so far

21 Jan 2008 17:24

Samsung and Panasonic are among the manufacturers highlighted in a list of the best high definition televisions (HDTVs) available on the market.

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Toshiba will offer 20 new panels

Toshiba continues its REGZA range

18 Jan 2008 14:02

Toshiba has confirmed this week that it will build on its REGZA series with a series of new 2008 releases.

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Toshiba's offer a new 37" model

Toshiba's latest 37" an all-round winner

18 Jan 2008 14:01

The latest 37-inch from Toshiba is stylish and great to look at but also comes with a host of features that make it worth considering, a new review has suggested.

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Samsung will bring new LCD screens in 2008

New Samsung range offers "something for everyone"

18 Jan 2008 13:58

Samsung has announced that during 2008 it will roll out a series of numbered LCD TV panels that one website claims could offer "something for everyone".

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The screens could be a cheap option for those looking to replace old sets

Belarusian firm extends LCD range

17 Jan 2008 13:16

Belarusian consumer electronics manufacturer Vityas has announced that it will launch a range of LCD screens later this year that will add to its range of smaller panels.

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LG's new screens were among the winners

CES awards LG in 13 categories

17 Jan 2008 13:14

LG Electronics has been announced as the winner in 13 categories at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - including five awards for flat panel televisions.

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Power consumption can be greater on plasma panels

Energy 'should be a factor in choosing a new screen'

17 Jan 2008 13:12

Energy efficiency is one are in which consumers looking for a new flat panel TV should focus their attention, one expert has suggested this week.

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Plasma or LCD? There are benefits to both

The benefits and differences of flat screen panels

16 Jan 2008 14:12

The differences between LCD and plasma TV screens mean that shoppers need to be sure of what they want, according to a new article.

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Panasonic adds to its collection with a new 50-inch plasma

New Panasonic 50-inch screen 'never misses a trick'

16 Jan 2008 14:11

A new review has highlighted Panasonic's latest 50-inch plasma TV for its ability to offer natural colours and rich contrast levels.

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Norcent's new screen offers entry-level HD viewing

Norcent offers an 'impressive' budget solution

16 Jan 2008 14:10

A new 32-inch LCD TV from Norcent has been highlighted as a surprise package by a new review.

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The screen could be a great choice for the living room

Sleek new Phillips LCD is a "winner"

15 Jan 2008 17:22

A stylish new entry into Phillips' latest range of LCD TVs has been highlighted as a "winner" in a new article from the Trusted Reviews website this week.

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Plasma TV

Sony gets a handle on the LCD market

15 Jan 2008 17:18

Sony is set release a new range of LCD TVs which will be fitted with a carry handle, according to

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Toshiba could drop its prices to win HD DVD customers

Toshiba cuts HD DVD prices

14 Jan 2008 14:47

Consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced that it intends to make a number of price cuts to its range of HD DVD players.

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This year's olympics could significantly boost flat panel sales

Beijing boost adds to LCD growth

14 Jan 2008 14:46

The LCD TV market could receive an extra boost this year as many consumers trade in their old cathode ray tube sets for a sleek high definition model - in time for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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It is hoped the new panel will be 50 per cent more efficient

Energy efficient LCD plan from Sharp

11 Jan 2008 12:30

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Sharp has announced it is to produce an LCD screen that offers an improved contrast ratio and half the energy consumption of a current panel.

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Darker movies such as Batman Begins could benefit from a better contrast ratio

Pioneer's quest for the "infinite" contrast ratio

10 Jan 2008 12:39

Pioneer has announced it is to focus on the plasma TV market by producing a new screen that will tackle the problem of light emission in black screen areas.

The Japanese manufacturer revealed that visitors to this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will be able to witness a prototype screen that aims to develop image quality by improving contrast ratios.

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Spider 3D image

Is 3-D the future for LCD?

10 Jan 2008 12:36

Speculation that three dimensional (3-D) technology is the next big thing in flat screen TV has been given a boost this week thanks to a number of developments revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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Panasonic quests for the largest screen

Panasonic believes 'size does matter'

10 Jan 2008 12:35

Following the unveiling of the world's first 150-inch plasma TV this week, one expert has asked "can a TV be too big?".

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Toshiba is already a market leader in the field

Toshiba announces 20 new LCD panels

09 Jan 2008 17:26

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has launched 20 new LCD TVs at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it has emerged.

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YouTube could soon be available on the big screen

New plasma to support YouTube

09 Jan 2008 17:25

Panasonic is set to release a plasma television that will allow users to view online content from YouTube, it has emerged.

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Movie fans could be blown away by the size of the panel

New 108-inch comes to the market

09 Jan 2008 17:24

It has emerged that Sharp is set to release a new LCD television that clocks in at 108 inches.

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New screens are on the way from Soyo

Soyo takes on the big boys at CES

08 Jan 2008 07:57

A US consumer electronics firm is set to challenge the big players LCD and plasma TV market at this year's CES show, it has emerged.

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Shoppers looking for great home cinema could consider Hitachi

Hitachi 32-inch gets top marks

08 Jan 2008 07:56

A new review has suggested that the latest addition to the 32-inch LCD TV range from Hitachi could be one of the best on the market.

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Manufacturers are currently trying to create the world's thinnest panel

Battle for the thinnest screen continues

08 Jan 2008 07:54

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer JVC has unveiled a new LCD TV panel that is less than three inches thick, it has emerged.

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More sports fans could be switching on to flat screen TVs

Armchair supporters offered HD advice

04 Jan 2008 17:11

According to Retrevo there are a number of flat panel televisions currently on the market that serve sport better than others and the site has recommended some which offer the best performance for fast-action games, Yahoo! News reports.

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More people are enjoying the delights of HD LCD screens

Q3 sees growth in LCD market

04 Jan 2008 17:09

Sales of LCD TVs grew significantly in the third quarter (Q3) of 2007, a new report suggests.

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Pioneer's thin TV will have much competition

Thinner is a winner for Pioneer

03 Jan 2008 17:20

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Channel 4 has now launched its own HD service

Networks could 'do battle' over HD channels

03 Jan 2008 17:19

Recent developments in high definition (HD) television have allowed a number of channels to launch their own service and in a new article it is suggested that this sector could become a "serious battleground" for networks.

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Sony could focus on its popular Bravia range

Sony to drop RP in favour of LCD and plasma

03 Jan 2008 17:17

Sony is set to pull out of the rear projection television (RP TV) market as LCD TV sales continue to rise.

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Home screens are set to get bigger

Average LCD screen size 'set to grow'

03 Jan 2008 17:16

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LG is one manufacturer improving its LCD range

2008: year of the LCD TV?

02 Jan 2008 14:17

LCD TV's will be big sellers this year, one website predicts.

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Award winning HD disc 300 would benefit from a fully HD screen

HD players 'need HD panels'

02 Jan 2008 14:15

Home cinema fans opting for a HD DVD or Blu-ray system are wasting their time without a decent screen, according to the Herald Sun.

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Toshiba has improved the XF series

Toshiba improves on the XF range

31 Dec 2007 16:46

The Toshiba XF range is a good quality, fully high definition (HD) LCD TV screen that is about to get even better, reports.

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LG's Previous LCD screens have been 'lacking' on style

LG puts a little style in its game

27 Dec 2007 16:08

The sleek and stylish new LG 32LB75 has boosted the manufacturer's credibility in terms of style, a new review has suggested.

According to, what the South Korean manufacturer has had in terms of performance and high definition resolution it has so far lacked in terms of style - but adds that this new model could put an end to that legacy.

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HDTVs come in many shapes and sizes

Buying tips provided for TV purchasers

21 Dec 2007 16:09

A range of tips are springing up online for consumers confused about which High-Definition television (HDTV) set to purchase.

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The Panasonic Viera is an imposing piece of kit

Panasonic Viera 'dominates all around it'

20 Dec 2007 18:34

Panasonic's latest 58in widescreen plasma TV has received a rave reception from technology reviewers.

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TV remote

New Pioneer plasma stands up to its bigger brother

19 Dec 2007 15:16

Pioneer's Elite Kuro plasma series has added another entry to its range that can stand up to the largest of its siblings, a new review has suggested.

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50 inches of home cinema from Hitachi

Hitachi offers motorised marvel

19 Dec 2007 15:14

The Hitachi P50S601 Ultravision HD TV offers a level of sharpness and colour quality that offers a great home cinema experience, according to a new review.

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Plasma TV

Dispelling the myths behind plasma screens

18 Dec 2007 18:35

In an article for, Robert Heron states that many of the issues which used to plague many plasma units have now been eradicated by the manufacturers and that this should not affect the decision of those looking for a new screen.

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More people than ever are buying HD TVs

HD TV sales continue to grow

18 Dec 2007 18:33

New research from DisplaySearch has found growth in the global TV market and has noted strong sales in Europe and the UK, according to

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Family watching TV

New Kuro builds on an impressive pedigree

17 Dec 2007 18:13

The Pioneer Kuro series has continued to impress, however, its latest LX608D is more than worthy of its place in the range and with superior connectivity, clarity and sound could even live up to its high price tag, the Trusted Reviews website stated.

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The new LG should keep everyone happy

High-performance HD from LG 50-inch model

12 Dec 2007 17:19

The latest 50-inch flat panel plasma TV from LG offers full HD and high-performance sound, according to a new review.

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Plasma and LCD could be popular this Christmas

High definition TV and the two main options

12 Dec 2007 17:16

In an interview with the NY daily News, Jack Halperin, director of merchandising at electrical retailers PC Richard & Son, said that high-definition television has caused many consumers to consider new home cinema solutions.

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LCD or plasma?

LCD vs Plasma: 'the differences are narrowing'

11 Dec 2007 17:26

In an interview for, Harlan Lawson of A&B TV states that there are a number of issues that separate the two home entertainment options and one of these is what the panel is going to be used for.

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The electronics firm battles for the big screen market

Samsung plasma goes big and bold

10 Dec 2007 11:17

For home entertainment fans who like their movies big and bold, Samsung's 63-inch plasma TV could be just the right purchase, a recent review has suggested.

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Gamers might be excited at the prospect of Sharp's 32-inch beauty

Sharp set to release 32-inch LCD TV

07 Dec 2007 16:26

Sharp is to launch its new second-generation widescreen 32-inch Aquos LCD TV, confirming that it has been specifically built with gamers' needs in mind.

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The Samsung LE40M87 could be ideal for those on a budget

Samsung LE40M87 is 'good performer at low price'

07 Dec 2007 16:05

The latest Samsung LCD television has been praised by a new review, describing it as a good performer at a low price.

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Bravia makes the most of Blu-ray technology

Bravia W 'gets the best from Blu-ray'

06 Dec 2007 14:34

According to the HDTV News website, the Bravia W range makes full use of 1920 x 1080 display panels that offer the only kind of resolution that does full justice to Blu-ray technology.

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Toshiba offers a new addition to its range

Toshiba's new 40-inch model 'worth the money'

04 Dec 2007 17:36

Toshiba's latest 40-inch high-definition (HD) TV is likely to burn a substantial hole in your pocket, but its performance could make it worth the cash, according to a new review.

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Humax's new TV is great for the bedroom

New Humax 19" LCD 'great for a second room'

04 Dec 2007 13:57

The latest 19-inch LCD TV from Humax is ideal for consumers looking to furnish a bedroom or kitchen with an extra screen, a new review has suggested.

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Samsung's new model "revolutionary"

Samsung LCD TV offers improved backlight

03 Dec 2007 17:34

Samsung's latest 52-inch LCD TV has tackled the problems associated with backlighting by using LED technology, according to a new review.

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LG's range continues to grow

LG offer new plasma with double the current contrast ratio

03 Dec 2007 17:31

LG has announced it is to launch a plasma TV that delivers the highest contrast ratio available on the global market, it has emerged.

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Is your wardrobe run-of-the-mill? Imagine if it had a TV in it!

Watch TV while you choose an outfit

29 Nov 2007 16:15

For most people, a wardrobe is a place to store clothes. However, thanks to the latest innovation from Technopolis, it can now also be used as an HD-ready television.

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The firm's new projectors are top-notch

New LCD projectors from Sony

28 Nov 2007 14:30

Sony unveiled two brand new LCD-based video projectors earlier this week (November 26th).

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The TVs can be contolled from anywhere in the home

The waterproof TV you can control from anywhere

28 Nov 2007 13:00

Aquavision is to showcase a new range of waterproof HD-ready TVs at a forthcoming technology event which will be the first of their kind to have an RS232 control.

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It's not just about cameras anymore for Polaroid

Snappy new TVs from Polaroid

26 Nov 2007 14:30

You may usually associate Polaroid with cameras, but the firm has been branching out and has now created a rather good-looking assortment of LCD TVs, called the Defina Range.

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You could help protect the environment with one of Swedx's tellies

The eco-friendly LCD TV from Swedx

23 Nov 2007 13:45

Swedish manufacturer Swedx has come up with an LCD TV that is housed in a wooden casing, perfect for fans of high-definition televisions who are also concerned about the environment.

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Samsung is going to put more cash into its LCD business

More LCDs from Samsung to meet demand

22 Nov 2007 14:30

Samsung Electronics has today (Thursday, November 22nd) announced plans to up its spending on liquid crystal display panels in a bid to meet consumer demand for LCD TVs.

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You could be watching HDTV for free in 2012

Free HDTV via Freeview in 5 years?

22 Nov 2007 13:00

Ofcom has announced that all UK households will have free access to HDTV by 2012.

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Bigger is better for many Brits in terms of televisions

TVs getting bigger and bigger for UK consumers

21 Nov 2007 11:13

In the past decade the average size of a TV in a UK household has increased by more than ten inches.

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LCD sets are becoming more and more popular

Sales of LCD TVs up 48%

20 Nov 2007 14:00

Worldwide sales of liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions jumped up by almost 50 per cent earlier this year.

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Samsung has produced a small but perfectly formed LCD TV

'Perky' 26-inch LCD from Samsung

19 Nov 2007 17:35

Samsung's LE-26R87BD is a beautifully formed LCD TV with a glossy black finish and even though it is only 26-inches it is as close to television perfection as you can get.

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LG's new telly will let you stream HD video from the internet

New 52-inch Wi-Fi LCD TV from LG

16 Nov 2007 16:11

LG is to launch a 52-inch LCD television dubbed the 52LG71 which comes with Wi-Fi.

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Sony Bravias are mighty-fine televisions

70 inches of LCD beauty

14 Nov 2007 15:00

The Sony KDL-70X3500 Bravia TV is a full HD set which will surely appeal to all flatscreen TV consumers.

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Now you can have some proper entertainment while splashing around

Watch and listen as you chill out in the bath

14 Nov 2007 14:07

Videotree has certainly got the right idea when it comes to relaxation - the company has come up with the SPLASH 17.1-inch widescreen water resistant LCD TV which is not only waterproof but comes with an ipod dock too.

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Would you like your LCD to be more efficient?

How efficient can an LCD TV be?

13 Nov 2007 18:02

Have you ever thought that your TV could stand to be a bit more efficient? If so, the latest bit of high-tech wizardry from 3M could be just what you are looking for.

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Samsung LCDs look set to sell well next year

Samsung to have an LCD-tastic year in 2008

13 Nov 2007 16:39

Good day to ye, fair mangotangoers, we trust that this news finds you well.

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You could have a TV ... or you could have a screen?!

The 184-inch projection screen

09 Nov 2007 17:59

Have you got that Friday feeling mangotangoers? Excited to be heading into the weekend? Raring for some cool technology news? Of course you are!

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You could put a swish new telly in your kitchen

The under-counter LCD

09 Nov 2007 17:56

GPX has announced the release of an under-the-counter LCD television that is an affordable price and will be out just in time for Christmas.

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You can trust a flat-screen TV

LCDs and plasmas very reliable, says survey

06 Nov 2007 14:39

LCD and plasma televisions are a sound investment because they are so reliable, a well-known product review organisation has determined.

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One minute you could be doing the gardening, the next you could be watching a soap

The 46-incher that's perfect for outdoors

01 Nov 2007 16:33

SunBriteTV has announced that it is going to launch an all-weather outdoor LCD television which will have a 46-inch screen.

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Will plasma TVs and LCDs give way to OLEDs?

40-inch OLED TV in 3 years?

01 Nov 2007 15:09

Oh dear oh dear, could a new form of television technology be gearing up to replace LCD and Plasma in the hearts of consumers everywhere? Quite possibly, given the plans that the folks at Samsung have up their collective sleeve.

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Would you disguise your top-notch telly?

High fashion high-def

31 Oct 2007 15:15

Anyone who has ever bought a flat-screen TV will know that size definitely matters when you consider where you are going to put it. Particularly if someone else in the household is adverse to a giant TV dominating their lounge.

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Imagine a plasma TV bigger than any plasma you've seen before!

Japanese firm to offer giant plasma screens

30 Oct 2007 15:00

Small TVs can be just fabulous, can't they? Nestled happily in the corner of a room, beaming out all the things you like to watch best.

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Toshiba believes its TV business is going to be more successful

Toshiba's LCD targets

29 Oct 2007 16:00

Things seem to be going well in terms of liquid crystal displays and televisions for Toshiba Corp, if its latest announcement is anything to go by.

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Is your telly in need of a great new stand?

Swish TV stand from Sharp

29 Oct 2007 15:06

We love finding out that something can do more than two things at once. One day we hope to discover a toaster that is capable of spreading butter and jam, but until that day comes we will be content with other remarkable technological advances, such as the latest product from Sharp.

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Will you be plonking a new flat-screen in your lounge?

Wooo! Ultra-slim TVs from Hitachi

25 Oct 2007 15:27

Well, as if things in the world of flat-screen televisions couldn't get any better, it seems that a clever lot of people at one of those electronics giants have done it again and come up with a super-slim model that will be sure to tickle your technological taste buds.

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LG will release its new plasma TV next month

LG to launch 32-inch plasma TV

24 Oct 2007 12:37

Ahoy hoy folks! Are you back for yet more fabulous news from the world of technology? Of course you are - you wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

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There will soon be a new flat-screen TV panel on the market from CMO

New LCD panels from CMO

23 Oct 2007 14:00

Ooh, thrilling little bit of info for you here mangotangoers. We know how much you like hearing about top-notch LCD panels, and indeed anything technological, so we simply had to tell you about the latest offerings from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO).

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LG Phillips will be rolling out the new panel early next year

New slim LCD panel from LG Phillips

19 Oct 2007 15:15

Ok all you fans of high-definition televisions. We know that it's Friday, the weather is crisp and delightfully autumnal and you'll have a spring in your step because the weekend is almost here.

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Sharp want more people to be able to get an LCD TV into their homes

New Japanese factory for Sharp LCD TVs

18 Oct 2007 15:00

Fabulous news for all you mangotangoers who can't get enough of LCD televisions - Sharp Corp has opened a second liquid crystal display television plant in Mexico in a bid to meet growing demand for the product.

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Syntax-Brillian has unveiled a new 65-inch HDTV, perfect for home viewing

Syntax-Brillian reveals new HDTVs

16 Oct 2007 15:47

HDTV manufacturer Syntax-Brillian has announced the introduction of three brand new full-HD 1080p LCD HDTVs in the company's Olevia line of home entertainment products.

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Sony to ramp-up production of Bravia HDTVs with new European factory

New Sony LCD TV factory starts production

16 Oct 2007 15:44

The newly opened Nitra factory, in Slovakia, which produces large-size high-end Sony LCD High Definition TV sets, will become Sony's main production outlet for LCD HDTVs in the European market.

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HD ready TVs are set to be a popular choice this Christmas

HDTVs top gift-lists for Christmas

12 Oct 2007 16:17

Three out of every four American consumers (76 per cent) have at least one digital lifestyle product on their Christmas wish-list, with High Definition TV sets being the most popular.

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Are you tempted to buy a super-slim telly?

Super slim, super light LCD TV

11 Oct 2007 15:30

An hd ready television is often the crowning glory of a home entertainment system. As such, there are so many different things to consider when choosing the right one for your home - particularly style and size.

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Could Sony's LCD TVs be taken over by their OLEDs?

Will OLED take the market by storm?

10 Oct 2007 13:00

When Sony Corp releases its brand new 11-inch super-slim HD television in December this year, it will undoubtedly generate a fair old bit of interest from consumers and industry bods alike.

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Flat panel tellies are definitely winning over consumers

It's up, up and away for sales of TFT LCD products

10 Oct 2007 10:47

We know you like to keep abreast of all things interesting and important in the world of technology, least of all because you like to make informed choices when you purchase the latest high-definition gadget or shiny new gizmo for your home entertainment pleasure!

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Relaxing in the bath will be even more fun with the W104

The wonderful waterproof telly

05 Oct 2007 13:00

Modern life can be rather hectic, don't you think? One minute you can be leisurely shopping for the latest Blu-ray Disc, the next you can be sprinting for a bus because your new purchase is actually a birthday present and you've realised that you're late for the party.

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Organic Light-Emitting diode (Oled) television by Sony

New Sony TV in time for Christmas

01 Oct 2007 13:23

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening… oh alright, we know it's a little bit early to start hanging out the decorations and far too early to be belting out carols, but we can't help but turn our thoughts to Christmas when it appears that an awful lot of fab new products are going to be ready for the festive period.

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High-Definition more popular than ever

HD popularity going up and up

28 Sep 2007 15:06

Here at mangotango, we strive to bring you all the latest news from the world of technology. Not that we think you are all completely in the dark about such things, but it's always nice to have a friendly heads up about what's what just in case isn't it?!

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Armani and Samsung to launch a range of fashionable Lifestyle TVs and Mobile Phones

Samsung to create 'ultimate' lifestyle electronics

25 Sep 2007 18:28

Samsung Electronics has announced a new partnership with none other than Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani to develop a new range of luxury consumer electronics, including an LCD TV and a mobile phone.

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Eco-friendly new TV panels from Philips

Philips goes 'green' for new TVs

25 Sep 2007 18:26

Electronics manufacturer Philips has launched a new range of environmental flat panel LCD TVs that promote energy efficiency.

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The MP622 and MP622c: quiet projectors from BenQ

BenQ projectors are the quietest around

24 Sep 2007 17:51

Two new projectors have been announced by BenQ.

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High-Definition service by Channel 4

Channel 4 announces HD service

19 Sep 2007 17:06

Channel 4 is set to become the first terrestrial broadcaster in the UK to provide a high-definition simulcast of its main channel.

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Eco-friendly Televisions?

TV manufacturers to collaborate on LCD research

18 Sep 2007 15:55

Three of the TV industry's biggest manufacturers, Sony, Sharp and Hitachi, have agreed to work together to advance LCD technology and reduce power consumption of flat panel TVs.

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Rear Projection TVs are out...LCD and Plasma TVs are in...

Flat panels dominate RPTV

18 Sep 2007 15:51

Rear projection TVs (RPTV) are being booted out the door in increasing numbers, as flat panel TVs continue their domination of the living room as the centre piece of the 'digital home', a new report has claimed.

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New Philips LCD TVs featuring Ambilight technology

Philips launches Ambilight LCD TVs in Britain

17 Sep 2007 09:50

Philips' cutting-edge flat-screen TV technology has been launched onto the UK market.

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The Hitachi CMP1030WFJ: New 103 inch plasma screen by Hitachi

103-inch plasma announced by Hitachi

13 Sep 2007 15:47

Following the launch of Panasonic's own giant plasma screen in 2006, Hitachi has now announced that it will be bringing a 103 inch plasma TV to the market.

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P Series : New LCD TVs from Acer

Acer unveils P Series LCD

13 Sep 2007 15:46

Global PC manufacturer Acer has introduced a new series of LCD displays to its burgeoning collection of stylish and functional monitors.

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New plasma and LCD TVs from LG

LG unveils 'future of HD TV'

13 Sep 2007 09:25

LG Electronic has rolled out its brand new range of HD TVs at Dubai's Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo.

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Rugby World Cup boost Television sales

Flat screen TV sales spike ahead of Rugby World Cup

13 Sep 2007 09:14

A so-called 'ruggernomics' effect has led to an increase in the number of flat screen TVs being sold in the UK, according to market research firm GfK.

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High-Definition LCD TVs from JVC

JVC unveils new HD LCD screens

11 Sep 2007 13:47

Electronics manufacturer JVC has launched a new line of high-definition LCD TVs featuring the firm's second generation high-speed technology.

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New LCD models from Panasonic (The 42-inch TH-42PZ77 and the 50-inch TH-50PZ77)

Panasonic expands plasma range

07 Sep 2007 16:00

Panasonic announced yesterday (Thursday) that it is to expand its range of 1080p high definition plasma televisions.

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New Aquos LCD TVs by Sharp (The XL2 and the X20E)

Aquos range expanded by Sharp

07 Sep 2007 15:00

Sharp is set to launch two new liquid crystal television ranges as part of its swanky Aquos line-up.

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Do you favour Plasma panels over LCD TVs?

Consumers think Plasma is better than LCD

06 Sep 2007 11:35

Good day to you, dear mangotangoers. We hope you are feeling sprightly and raring to go! If not, we're sure this little bit of news will wake you up in no time.

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Popularity of LCD TVs increasing

Demand for LCD panels increasing

05 Sep 2007 13:00

Here at mangotango, we certainly know a thing or two about technology. In fact, it's fair to say that we can't get enough of the stuff!

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Grundig’s new Portable LCD Television:  Davio 7

New portable LCD TV

04 Sep 2007 14:00

Do you ever sit at home watching a film or TV programme on your swish LCD set and wish that you could take it with you when you leave the house?

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Strong demand for Samsung’s LCD TV

Samsung targeting 12m LCD sales in 2007

03 Sep 2007 16:00

Electronics giant Samsung has increased its annual sales target of LCD televisions for 2007 from 11 million to 12 million.

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8th gen LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung

Sony and Samsung launch 8th gen LCD panels

29 Aug 2007 15:00

Sony and Samsung have started shipping what they have dubbed eighth-generation liquid crystal display panels, the firms announced yesterday (Tuesday).

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eco-friendly LCD TV by Sharp

Sharp's eco-friendly TV

24 Aug 2007 12:20

As much as we love swish new technology, we are fully aware that energy guzzling machines can do damage to the planet.

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Wall mounts for flat screen TVs

Flat screen wall mount range expanded by AVF

23 Aug 2007 11:52

When you buy a top-quality flat-screen television, it is important to consider where you will be displaying it.

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108 inch LCD TV by sharp

New large LCD TV to be unveiled by Sharp

22 Aug 2007 10:12

Well, the people at Sharp certainly seem to be busy little bees don't they? First of all we hear that they are to launch a new series of super-slim LCD TVs - the Aquos range - and now we've found out that they have got something even bigger up their sleeves.

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The D64U line: Slim LCD Televisions from Sharp

Super slim LCD TVs from Sharp

16 Aug 2007 13:00

A series of LCD TVs which features sets that are "bigger and smaller at the same time" has been announced by Sharp.

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LCD Television sales going up and up!

LCD TV sales on the up

15 Aug 2007 11:49

It seems that sales of LCD TVs are starting to outstrip those of their plasma rivals.

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New range of electronic products from Disney

LCD TVs for kids from Disney

14 Aug 2007 14:00

Entertaining children can seem like a mountainous task on occasions. Especially if rain has dampened any attempts at sending the kids to play outside.

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new Sony Bravia line-up pricing released

New Bravia pricing revealed

13 Aug 2007 13:00

Oo how exciting, dear readers - we've found out the pricing news for the new Sony Bravia line-up!

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Panasonic first LDC TV

Panasonic branching out

10 Aug 2007 13:00

We love it when things adjust. A change is as good as a rest and all that! So imagine our delight (and yours too when you read this next bit) when we heard that Panasonic is to start making LCD TVs as well as Plasma sets.

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Three high-Definition televisions per household

A trio of HD TVs per household

08 Aug 2007 15:00

Sometimes, less is more. Other times, one is never enough, and you have to go back for seconds. And, on rare occasions, maybe even thirds.

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Panasonic's 1080p Plasma HDTVs can play 100,000 hours

Years of brightness with a Panasonic plasma

08 Aug 2007 13:00

It's pretty widely acknowledged that if you have a top-notch telly, then you should look after it. Especially if you are hoping that it will last a long time!

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The NU WTW154 wireless,  portable and waterproof LCD TV

The waterproof LCD TV

06 Aug 2007 14:11

Good morning beloved mangotangoers! We trust you had a pleasant weekend - spent enjoying the sunshine no doubt!

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TV service for blind people led by Sony's Bravia range

TV for the blind

03 Aug 2007 11:24

Although we at mangotango are fun loving folk, we know that there is a time and a place for everything. As such, we are fully aware when things need to get a bit serious.

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The production of LCD TVs in China has increased

Chinese LCD TV production up by 65%

31 Jul 2007 11:52

Getting to grips with modern technology, what with all this wonderful new fangled gadgetry, can sometimes prove to be a stumbling block when choosing a new television.

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Sony is to expand its range of Bravia TVs

Sony bumping up Bravia range

30 Jul 2007 14:03

Well, we all know just how fabulous Sony Bravia televisions are. The Sony Bravia KDL32U2000, for instance, is one of the swishest and most popular sets on the market.

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LCD TV price is set to tumble?

Price of LCD TVs to fall by 25%?

27 Jul 2007 15:35

The average price of a liquid crystal display television is set to drop by 25 per cent this year, according to top Japanese LCD producer Sharp Corp.

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The TH-103PH9UK: 103 inch HDTV from Panasonic

Panasonic's giant plasma HDTV in NYC City Hall

25 Jul 2007 12:11

With many products, bigger is most certainly better. A larger portion of chips, a more comfortable seat at the cinema, a roomier hotel bathroom and, of course, a great big high-quality television.

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 The Bravia DAV-X10: New home entertainment system from Sony

New Sony Bravia TV

24 Jul 2007 15:30

A super swish new television is pretty high on the shopping list of many people, and quite understandably so given how fantastic they are for watching all your fav films and programmes.

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HDTV to display three-dimensional images?

HDTV in 3D?

20 Jul 2007 16:00

Now, we at mangotango know a good thing when we see it. That's why we have such a fantastic range of products for our dear customers to choose from.

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LG boosted by LCD TV sales

11 Jul 2007 15:00

If you want to know just how popular flat-panel televisions are getting these days, then remember that as the old saying goes - the proof is in the pudding.

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More Bravia LCD Televisions

Additional Bravia LCD TVs from Sony

10 Jul 2007 15:00

After initially saying that there would be a shortage of 50 Hz Bravia LCD TVs in Australia, Sony has announced that there will be "a lot of stock".

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Toshiba’s LCD Televisions are very popular in China

Toshiba LCD TVs increasingly popular in China

09 Jul 2007 15:00

No one can deny the increasing appeal of a gorgeous flat-panel television screen, whether it's because they are great for watching HD content, or just because they look so much nicer than those bulky old-fashioned sets.

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Plasma display or a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)?

Plasma favoured over LCD TVs

05 Jul 2007 13:30

Some people are pretty picky when it comes to the specs of their home entertainment, while others are less concerned with the appearance of their telly and more interested in how it will fit with the decor of their lounge.

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New HDTVs by Sharp

Sharp to release new HDTVS in Japan

03 Jul 2007 16:30

We at mangotango know how much you love hearing about new products that are making their way onto the consumer market and, being the generous sort of folk that we are, we can't help but inform you.

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The popularity of LCD televisions is spreading

Popularity of LCD TVs spreading

02 Jul 2007 13:47

It seems as though the increasingly popular nature of flat-panel televisions is yet to cease, and is spreading to all corners of the globe.

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New high-definition flat panel televisions by Hitachi

New flat panel HDTVs from Hitachi

29 Jun 2007 16:00

A certain number of things in this life make you sit up and say 'wow' like the first time you ride a bike, or the first time you ride a bike without falling off and scraping your knees. And, let's face it, big new shiny tellies are capable of making you say wow too.

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Choose your TV: LCD, Plasma or laser Technology?

New laser TVs to rival LCD and Plasma?

28 Jun 2007 13:06

With the battle for supreme high-def display still raging, and seemingly being won by LCD televisions, it appears that a new contender is preparing to step into the ring.

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New LCD TVs from JVC

Fab new tellies from JVC

27 Jun 2007 17:00

The middle of the week means many things to many people, and it's probably mildly significant for the fact that is brings you closer to the weekend. But here at mangotango, we don't care what day of the week it is; we can't stop ourselves from giving you more technology news!

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LCD and plasma TVs are selling at an incredible rate!

Surge in flat panel sales predicted in Asia

27 Jun 2007 15:30

The increasing popularity of flat panel displays in Asia as a result of the demand for LCD televisions and new technology such as LEDs shows no sign of slowing, new research suggests.

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Haanspree to introduced new LCD monitors

New LCD monitors from Haanspree

22 Jun 2007 16:00

For the folk who are fond of watching high definition material - and let's face it, who isn't a fan of HD by now? - this next bit of information may prove to be particularly interesting.

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New Plasma high-definition television Called the TH-42PZ700U from Panasonic

Panasonic launches 42-inch Plasma

22 Jun 2007 12:58

As another weekend rolls into sight, its time to kick back, relax, and ponder all the wonderful new additions to the television market.

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Plasma TVs to get even better

Plasma TV - the best is yet to come

21 Jun 2007 15:00

Plasma screens, with their excellent picture quality, black levels and size, are a popular home entertainment choice for savvy consumers looking for a top-notch telly.

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Viewsonic launched new Stylish LCD TVs

Stylish new LCD TVs from Viewsonic

20 Jun 2007 13:26

Anyone planning on upgrading to a swish HD-ready television this summer will either be thinking long and hard about which TV has the best specs, which one looks the nicest, or both.

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LG or Hitachi: Plasma Display Panel battle

Hitachi sued by LG Electronics over PDPs

18 Jun 2007 15:30

Flat-panel TVs are becoming increasingly popular as you, dear technology-news reader and frequenter of mangotango, are probably well-aware.

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Flat-panel TVs popularity soars

Flat-panel TVs more popular than ever

15 Jun 2007 11:34

TMIF folks. Yup, thank mangotango its Friday, because not only is it the end of the week, but we've also got some cracking technology news for you too.

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Samsung has launched new 70 inch high-definition LCD TV

Samsung's new 70" LCD HD ready TV

14 Jun 2007 14:00

Have you ever found yourself totally and utterly fed up of going to the cinema? Sick of the over-priced popcorn, the sticky floors, the broken air-conditioning and the noisy people sitting to the right, left, front, and back of you?

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Philips has launched new LCD TV range

New LCD TV range unwrapped by Philips

14 Jun 2007 12:04

Shiny new televisions are exciting things, aren't they? We certainly think so, and judging by the amount of time you spend gazing at the great TVs available here at mangotango, you do as well.

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Sony has launched five new High-Definition TVs

Sony reveals 5 new HDTVs

11 Jun 2007 13:00

Sometime, technology can be like buses. You wait ages for one particular type of product to arrive, then loads of them come along at once.

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Dell to continue production of LCD TVs

Dell continuing to make LCD TVs

08 Jun 2007 14:30

Following rumours that Dell is to stop making LCD televisions, the electronics firm has announced that it planning no such thing and that it is to keep producing the sets.

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New HD ready LCD TVs by Tatung

New HD ready LCD TVs from Tatung

07 Jun 2007 14:00

With all the new and exciting televisions appearing on the market these days, shopping for a new set can often be pretty tricky. But luckily for those befuddled consumers there is help at hand as we, the ever considerate folk at mangotango, are prepared to fill you in on the details of the latest products.

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Sales of HDTV make Pace Micro the biggest electronics company in the UK

US HDTV sales make Pace no.1 in UK

07 Jun 2007 11:34

When hunting for a new piece of electronic equipment, it is always interesting to find out who the biggest and best providers in the country are.

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Smallest high-definition television by Xceive Corporation

World's smallest HDTV to be debuted this week

06 Jun 2007 17:00

While the majority of the new televisions that are making their way onto the consumer market are getting bigger and bigger, you may find it interesting to hear that one company has been concentrating its efforts on producing a really small TV instead.

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AU Optronics launched new 65 inch LCD TV

New 65" LCD panel unveiled by AU Optronics

06 Jun 2007 12:52

Hello again! Looking for more tip-top technology tit-bits are you? Well, luckily you are in the right place, as mangotango has yet another piece of interesting info for you to chew over.

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Plasma and LCD TVS to highlight the quality of the home viewing experience

eZone to host film festival

05 Jun 2007 12:36

One of the great things about the new advances in television technology is that watching a film at home is increasingly becoming a cinematic experience, what with the quality of the images and surround-sound and everything.

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LG Electronics has introduced a series of LCD televisions: The LC7 series

LGE unveils new LCD TV range

04 Jun 2007 11:12

Are you the sort of person who loves to be able to show off a brand new piece of technology? Well, if so, then be thankful that here at mangotango we are more than happy to keep you informed about all the latest shiny gadgets making their way onto the market.

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Planar has bought Runco the home theatre firm

Planar acquires home theatre firm Runco

01 Jun 2007 11:45

Home theatre company Planar Systems has acquired Runco International as it looks to expand in the fast-growing market.

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Bang & Olufsen launched new BeoVision 8 inch flat screen TV

Bang & Olufsen unveils BeoVision 8 flat screen

31 May 2007 18:00

Top picture quality and sound performance are two of the elements of Bang & Olufsen's latest flat screen TV offering, the BeoVision 8.

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Samsung to kit out Royal Caribbean cruise liners with LCD HDTVs

Samsung to kit out Genesis cruise vessels with HDTVs

30 May 2007 17:14

Cruise-goers on board Royal Caribbean's Genesis class of ships, due to be phased in from 2009, can look forward to cutting-edge Samsung HDTVs.

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Blu-ray high-definition discs are more popular than ever

Japanese engineers at work on HDTV successor

29 May 2007 17:05

There is no doubting the crisp picture and cinema-quality audio of HDTV, but engineers in Japan are already beavering away at its potential eventual replacement, Super Hi-Vision (SHV).

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Luxury home entertainment product? Or a full head of hair?

A plasma TV? ... or a full head of hair?

25 May 2007 13:00

If you asked most men which items they would buy if they were to go on their dream shopping trip, you would expect them to rattle off a list of items such as a high-definition TV, a flash car, a top-notch stereo and the latest mobile phone.

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Grundig has launched a series of Eco-friendly LCD TVs

Eco-friendly LCD TVs from Grundig

25 May 2007 11:09

As the debate on global warming heats up many people are increasingly becoming worried about the effect their lifestyle is having on the environment, particularly those with energy-guzzling appliances.

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Hitachi and Panasonic strengthened their corporation in the plasma TV market

Hitachi and Panasonic strengthen plasma partnership

24 May 2007 14:00

In the increasingly competitive world of television technology, it is pretty important to know who is competing with whom, and who is considered to be the best.

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LG to promote its latest range of High-definition TVs

LG launches 'red couch' HDTV campaign

24 May 2007 12:15

As Mick Jagger and David Bowie once sang, summer's here and the time is right, for buying a new TV.

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Samsung has revealed its latest LCD TVs including 40inch and 70 inch

Samsung launches new LCD TV

23 May 2007 16:00

First man: "Do you know what's on the telly tonight?" Second man: "A couple of ornaments and a layer of dust by the looks of it."

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LG is to launch a 32 inch plasma TV

LG's smallest plasma TV for Chinese market

23 May 2007 13:45

Have you ever noticed that the current trend with TV technology is to make screens bigger and bigger?

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Portable LCD TV released by Evesham

Portable LCD TV perfect for travelling

21 May 2007 11:14

You may be forgiven for not realising it, but summertime has arrived. Yes folks, it is now that time of year when we should be looking forward to barbeques, beaches, picnics, parties and holidays.

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Popularity of LCD TV in India increased

LCD TVs increasingly popular in India

18 May 2007 15:00

Back again for more technology news are you? Well, ok, as the weekend is nearly here, we'll be nice and let you have another story.

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JVC has unveiled a new Clear Motion Drive (CMD) high-speed LCD television

New LCD TV from JVC

18 May 2007 13:00

As its Friday, we, the lovely people at mangotango, thought that you deserved a little treat. And as we know what technology nuts you are, we've decide to tell you about a brand new product.

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High-Definition televison calibration

The trouble with HDTV calibration

18 May 2007 11:36

A high-definition TV is pretty high on the must-have list of many consumers these days, especially when online shopping is so easy.

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LG Electronics launch a range of HDTVs for hotel rooms

LG making HDTVs available in hotel rooms

17 May 2007 11:15

Being stuck in a hotel room can often be unquestionably dull. Particularly if the TV is a tiny bulky set with awful reception and the only programme worth watching is a three-year-old episode of Neighbours.

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New thin high-definition televisions by Mitsubishi

New thin HDTVs launched by Mitsubishi

16 May 2007 10:22

Flat screen TVs are a cracker of an innovation. However, not everyone seems to have cottoned on to the fact that they are a top-notch piece of equipment, and are still watching their favourite programmes on bulky old-fashioned sets.

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Formula One switch to HDTV

HDTV at Formula One races

15 May 2007 11:37

Sometimes, going to a live sporting event is more hassle than it's worth. The food is too expensive, you may get sat next to the world's most obnoxious fan, and you'll probably end up craning your neck trying to get a good look at the action.

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Switch to digital

Thousands unsure how to switch to digital

14 May 2007 13:00

Getting home from work, slumping into the sofa and turning on the TV only to be greeted with a blank image on the screen would be upsetting to most. Well, unless of course you are used to watching utter dross, in which case it might make a pleasant change.

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New plasma range launched by Pioneer

Pioneer promises 'world's best TVs'

11 May 2007 14:15

We at mangotango know how important it is for you to have the latest piece of high-quality home entertainment.

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LG launched new range of plasma TV

New plasma range launched by LG

11 May 2007 12:48

When watching TV, do you ever sit and complain that the set is just too small?

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Buy High-Definition TV

Tips for buying an HDTV

10 May 2007 11:17

Are you one of those poor folk who are utterly lost when it comes to new technology?

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LG unveils HDTV fridge

First HDTV fridge launched by LG

09 May 2007 11:03

Don't you just love it when you go into the kitchen in the morning, open the fridge to grab the milk for that cup of 'shake your brain awake' tea or coffee, close the fridge and settle down and watch a bit of telly before you dash off out the front door?

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Rabbit ears antennas popular with High-definition TVs

Consumers to rely on 'rabbit ears' for HDTVs?

08 May 2007 09:27

Purchasing an HDTV, and knowing that you've got your hands on an up to the minute piece of technology, must feel pretty good.

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High-definition award to Panasonic and Sony

Sony and Panasonic win high-def and HD awards

04 May 2007 13:31

Leading electronic brands Sony and Panasonic have been given a big pat on the back this week after they came top of the class in a list of the brands who get the most love from customers.

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