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Sony raise the bar with W4000 series

01 Apr 2008 23:03

Sony raises the bar with a new range of Bravias Sony has launched a range of new LCD TV panels that will prove difficult for its rivals to beat, according to an article for PC Advisor.

The magazines website states that the manufacturers latest W4000 series takes high definition to a new level and adds that as well as utilising Sony Bravia 2 engine technology, all feature a built-in digital tuner.

It is reported that the range of flat panel televisions, which are available in sizes between 32 and 46 inches, offer advanced video encoding and 10bit signal processing on all but the smallest model.

Commenting on the launch of the range, Bravia general manager George Damigos states that Sony has attempted to build on the previous successes of its LCD screens.

"The Sony Bravia W4000 Series starts from a position of great strength. Its combination of advanced picture technologies delivers a new standard of excellence which it deploys to maximum effect," he said.

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