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GTA4: Now with downloadable audio option

Video gamers given GTA4 audio option

31 Mar 2008 17:44

Console fans have been given the chance to download the music from the up and coming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) sequel - while they are still playing, it has emerged.

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Microsoft's Xbox console is selling well

Xbox racks up growing sales

19 Mar 2008 17:18

Microsoft's decision to drop the price of the Xbox has prompted a rise in sales of an estimated 36 per cent, it has emerged.

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The Xbox seems unlikely to ever be Blu-ray compatible

Microsoft boss rules out Blu-ray Xbox

17 Mar 2008 16:51

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Europe has poured cold water on recent speculation that the company plans to produce a Blu-ray peripheral for its Xbox console.

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Is Blu-ray on the cards for the Xbox?

Blu-ray heading for Xbox 360?

12 Mar 2008 14:55

Speculation that Microsoft's popular Xbox gaming console could feature Blu-ray in the future has been given a boost this week following a comment from the manufacturer's chief executive.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV release date set

25 Jan 2008 17:35

Owners of an Xbox 360 console or a PS3 console can look forward to the release of the new title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise a bit later this year.

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Gamers can download Undertow for free

Microsoft offers free Xbox 360 game

22 Jan 2008 17:41

Microsoft is offering a free Xbox Live Arcade game as consolation for the outages over the festive season.

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HDMI is the best option for PS3 connectivity

Video Games and HD compatibility

13 Dec 2007 17:15

Owners of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Microsoft Xbox 360 (Xbox) are being advised on which system offers the best in terms of compatibility and HD resolution.

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Assassin's Creed is a popular choice for gamers

Assassin's Creed top of UK games charts

27 Nov 2007 13:00

Sales may have dipped by over 30 per cent, but Assassin's Creed is still proving popular with UK consumers as the game is continuing to sit at the top of the all format chart.

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A Blu-ray disc player is tempting, but you could opt for a PS3 until you are sure

Games consoles the answer to HD confusion?

20 Nov 2007 12:10

Sony's PlayStation 3 console or Microsoft's Xbox 360 could be the answer that consumers who are a bit puzzled by the second-generation format war could be seeking.

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It's the first birthday of this nifty console

Happy first birthday PS3

19 Nov 2007 17:33

The Playstation 3 console has officially been on the market for a whole year.

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A character who looks and sounds like original Ghostbuster Bill Murray will be in the game

New videogame based on Ghostbusters

15 Nov 2007 16:59

Videogame publisher Vivendi has revealed that it is working on a new title which will be based on the hugely popular 80s film Ghostbusters.

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Will the Xbox 360 be around for a good long while?

Microsoft has long-term hopes for Xbox 360

07 Nov 2007 15:00

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect a home console to have a shelf life of about five years.

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Could we soon be seeing a new version of the PS2?

A compact PS2?

05 Nov 2007 15:11

Could Sony be planning to release a new version of its popular Playstation 2 console that is smaller and cheaper than the original?

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Playing on the Wii is about to get even better

Wii-tastic accessory in time for Christmas

02 Nov 2007 14:00

We know that it is more than eight weeks to go until Christmas, but we can't help but feel excited at the prospect of unwrapping some cool pressies come December 25th.

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The Wii has been very successful

Wii triumphs at Golden Joysticks

29 Oct 2007 15:01

The Oscars and the BAFTAs may be some of the most glamorous ceremonies to take place at any point in the showbiz calendar, but do you ever get the feeling that such award shows just aren't that interesting?

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It looks like the PS2 will be around for a while yet

Happy 7th birthday PS2!

26 Oct 2007 12:57

Aww, we love a feel-good story on a Friday. Especially when it's about one of our favourite little gizmos.

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Will Jeremy Clarkson sit at home playing on a PS3?

Top Gear on Gran Turismo

25 Oct 2007 16:15

If you are a fan of super-fast cars then the chances are you will thoroughly enjoy playing video games where you can wizz around in a glitzy racer, as well as any sort of television programme to do with those super-fast roadsters.

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The Xbox 360 will not have a built-in HD DVD player, apparently.

No plans for Xbox 360 with built-in HD DVD

24 Oct 2007 15:00

Reports suggesting that an Xbox 360 with a built-in HD DVD player is in the pipeline have been rubbished by Toshiba.

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Will the new price tag be enough for the PS3 to start catching up with the Xbox 360 or Wii?

UK PS3 sales boosted

17 Oct 2007 17:19

PlayStation 3 sales in the UK have jumped up by an impressive 178 per cent, following the introduction of a new model and a price cut.

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Sony will be hoping the new 40GB PS3 helps pick up the console's sales

Sony launches white PS3 in Japan

12 Oct 2007 16:19

Following the announcement that Sony would be releasing a new 40GB model of its PlayStation 3 console, the Japanese electronics giant has unveiled a brand new white coloured console for release in Japan.

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Japanese gamers will be able to get the PS3 for less

PS3 price cuts for Japan

10 Oct 2007 15:30

Sony has only just announced that the price of the PS3 console has been lowered in Europe, but now the electronics giant has revealed that it is to reduce the price of the top-notch unit in Japan as well.

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Gamers love a bit of footie it seems

FIFA 08 top of the charts

09 Oct 2007 14:00

Well, it seems that those of you out there who love your PS2s, Playstation 3 consoles, PSPs and your Nintendo Wiis are all really into football as well.

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WIll a cheaper PS3 help sell more Blu-ray Discs?

Cheaper PS3 won't help Blu-ray says HD DVD group

08 Oct 2007 14:00

Hmm, it seems that the Blu-ray verses HD DVD battle isn't going to go away quietly. Following the price drop of the PS3 console in Europe, the HD DVD Promotional Group has suggested that Sony's decision will not have an effect on the second-generation DVD market.

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Capcom is going to focus its efforts on the PS3

Strong PS3 focus from Capcom

05 Oct 2007 09:00

The Playstation 3 console seems to be getting a fair old bit of attention at the moment. Amid suggestions that Sony is about to drop the price by almost £60, it appears that games publisher Capcom is going to shift its main development focus onto the PS3.

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Could the PS3 be about to go down in price?

Sony to drop price of PS3 in UK?

04 Oct 2007 16:00

Following a few weeks of speculation, and suggestions from various corners of the gaming world, it appears that Sony has finally decided to drop the price of the PS3 console.

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Buy your Nintendo Wii now!

Demand for Wii outstripping supply

01 Oct 2007 15:00

Well mangotangoers, it seems that there are gamers, gamers everywhere and not enough consoles to play on.

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Sony to drop the price of the PlayStation 3

Cut price of PS3 says SCi

28 Sep 2007 12:22

We all know that getting hold of a top-notch piece of technology doesn't come cheap these days and as much as we can appreciate that quality comes at a price, it's always a bonus when we can save a few pennies here and there.

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HD DVD and Blu-ray battle means price drop?!

Halo 3 is a record breaker

27 Sep 2007 17:21

Halo 3 is estimated to have broken $170 million (£84 million) in its first 24 hours on sale in the US, Microsoft has announced.

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LittleBigPlanet to push sales of PS3

LittleBigPlanet could lead to big PS3 sales figures

24 Sep 2007 17:53

An innovative upcoming game for the PlayStation 3, LittleBigPlanet, could be the title that gives the console a much-needed boost.

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Nintendo's Wii sales are UP!

Wii leads next-gen console race

17 Sep 2007 09:51

Nintendo's Wii is the best-selling console of the current hardware generation, according to new figures.

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Xbox console very popular in the UK

Xbox sales up in UK

10 Sep 2007 15:52

Following on from the recent news that UK sales of the Nintendo Wii have reached the magic one million mark, it has transpired that another top-notch console is doing particularly well with British consumers.

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Sony have to cut the price of the 80GB PlayStation 3

Should Sony cut the price of the PS3?

05 Sep 2007 15:00

We're not ones to moan when bigwigs at our favourite electronics firms decide to cut the price of their swish products, and we bet that you're not either!

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Video and computer games bond the family

Videogames can unify families

03 Sep 2007 13:55

Families can be brought closer together if they all sit down and play a videogame.

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Halo 3 to be released

Halo 3 gone to manufacturer

31 Aug 2007 16:00

Ok gamers, we know that the release date of one of this year's most hotly anticipated games won't be released until the end of next month, but we thought you'd like to hear a little bit of information about it.

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Nintendo Wii sales reached one million

Wii sales hit 1m mark

30 Aug 2007 13:48

There must certainly be a heck of a lot of happy gamers in the UK at the moment - if sales of the Nintendo Wii are anything to go by.

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14 new videogames for the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii - 14 new games by end of 2007

28 Aug 2007 14:00

A deal has been signed between Koch Media and Data Design Interactive (DDI) that will see a host of new games launched in the UK for the Nintendo Wii by the end of this year.

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Price announcement: Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360

Halo Xbox 360 price announced

24 Aug 2007 14:00

A recommended retail price for the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 has finally been announced by Microsoft.

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Transformers: The Game - On top!

Transformers still at top of the chart

22 Aug 2007 13:00

They may be robots in disguise, but there's no hiding the fact that the Transformers are ruling the roost in terms of gaming in the UK at the moment.

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Microsoft Xbox 360: Price reduction

Xbox 360 price cut in Europe

21 Aug 2007 13:00

Aha. We didn't think this announcement would evade us forever. Confused? Don't worry - we've got some good news!

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Nintendo Wii popularity grows

Nintendo doing Wii-ly well in UK

16 Aug 2007 16:30

If the Nintendo Wii were a person, you can bet that it would be glowing pink with pride at the moment.

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PlayStation 3: Reliable piece of home entertainment

The 'indestructible' console

14 Aug 2007 16:00

Gamers know that getting a brand new console is one thing, but knowing that it will be a reliable piece of home entertainment is another.

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 Brain Training series for Nintendo DS console is increasingly popular

Good news for your grey matter

09 Aug 2007 10:46

Ah, new Brain Training game release date, we've been expecting you.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 price reduced

Xbox 360 price drop

08 Aug 2007 11:01

Everybody likes a bargain. Except maybe those eccentric billionaires who blow their noses on £100 notes, but you get the idea.

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80GB PlayStation 3 launched in the US

80GB PS3 released in US

07 Aug 2007 11:55

Summer is the time of year when things get bigger. The cinemas are screening action-packed blockbusters, the supermarkets are stocking jumbo-sized packets of sausages in readiness for barbeques - and now, there's a brand new console.

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PlayStation 3 to turn it into a TV recorder

TV tuner for PS3 in 2008

02 Aug 2007 11:13

It's always nice when something you love suddenly gets a bit better isn't it? Especially if it's an improvement to a cool piece of technology. That's always worth paying attention to!

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Nintendo Wii's  interactive flying Wiimote

Watch out for that Wiimote!

01 Aug 2007 16:00

An enthusiastic game on the Nintendo Wii, using that super-fun Wiimote, can be a lethal business. Well, if you are a plasma or LCD TV that is.

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Microsoft to reduce the price of the Xbox 360?

Price cut for Xbox 360?

31 Jul 2007 13:41

Hmmm. It must be tricky deciding what price a seventh-generation games console should be. They are pretty swish after all. And so much fun!

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PS3 console's Blu-ray capabilities to be utilised in new videogame by Rockstar

Exclusive PS3 game from Rockstar

30 Jul 2007 10:52

Ooo it's Monday. Are you thrilled at the prospect of a brand new week stretching before you? No? Well, never mind, at least you can read some cracking technology news to make the day that much better!

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Nintendo Wii console new game - Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Brain training moves to the Wii

27 Jul 2007 16:30

Have you ever found out what your brain age is? If your answer is no, then you have probably never played the immensely popular Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo DS.

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Xbox 360 console

New approach to Xbox 360 in Europe

26 Jul 2007 12:23

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. Even us fab fold at mangotango can occasionally get things wrong. This morning for instance, someone accidentally put salt instead of sugar into their tea. But that's beside the point.

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Exclusive games for the Nintendo Wii

Wii has most exclusive games in the pipeline

25 Jul 2007 16:00

The Nintendo Wii Console seems to be going from strength to strength.

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Sales of PlayStation 3 increased

Sales of PS3 rise by over 130%

24 Jul 2007 13:27

It seems that as much as some gamers profess that money is no object when it comes to getting their hands on the latest top quality console, every penny really does count.

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PSP Slim and Lite

September launch for slim PSP

23 Jul 2007 13:37

Ooo brace yourselves, game fans, mangotango has got an interesting snippet of information for you.

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The Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii are very popular

Wii and DS selling really well in Japan

19 Jul 2007 13:32

Maybe it's because they love training their brains. Perhaps they can't get enough Wiimote action. Whatever the reason, the Japanese seem to love the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii Console.

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Buy Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox Elite to cost £330?

18 Jul 2007 15:00

Getting your hands on the latest games console is a must for some people. Others may be less enthused, preferring to spend their pennies on high-def tellies or blu-ray players, but either way, news of a new release is always interesting - particularly if the price is proving to be contentious.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter works magic on UK game charts

17 Jul 2007 12:48

Are you being swept along by Harry Potter mania this week, dear techie fan? If you are, then you have probably already seen the latest film, eagerly pre-ordered the seventh and final book and busied away several hours playing the computer game.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Console: 60GB Premium Version

Sony calls time on 60GB PS3

16 Jul 2007 11:48

Just when you thought it was looking oh-so-promising for the future of the 60GB Playstation 3, Sony has made a couple of announcements that have pretty much dashed all hopes.

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Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo DS is very popular

Nintendo dominating German charts

13 Jul 2007 10:37

If you are of a superstitious nature, today may prove to be rather troubling, being that it is Friday 13th.

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Sales of the Sony PlayStation 3 have doubled

Sales of PS3 doubled

12 Jul 2007 12:30

The popularity of those super swish seventh generation games consoles seems pretty relentless, doesn't it? Especially when you consider just how well the little boxes of entertaining wonderment are doing in the shops.

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Nintendo Wii  interactive Wiimote

Keep fit with the Nintendo Wii

12 Jul 2007 10:25

The stereotypical image of a gamer is not one of a healthy, happy individual. More likely, it is of a pale, insular type of person who spends hours indoors with the curtains drawn playing on their favourite console.

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Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Elite will be released this August

Xbox Elite will hit the shops in August

11 Jul 2007 13:00

The snazzy new Xbox 360 Elite is due to be released in Europe by the end of the summer.

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Sony reduces price of PlayStation 3

Sony cuts price of PS3

10 Jul 2007 11:41

Everybody likes a bit of a bargain, don't they? Especially on things that they really want to buy, rather than things that they will buy just because it's 30p cheaper than it was last week.

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Videogames console sales on the up!

Console sales going up and up

09 Jul 2007 12:55

The popularity of the game industry in the UK is soaring and showing no sign of slowing down, according to new research.

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October release for Xbox 360 elite

October launch for Xbox 360 elite in Japan

06 Jul 2007 15:30

Brace yourselves, enthusiastic gamers, a new product may well be on the horizon.

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PlayStation 3 price reduction?!

Should Sony lower cost of PS3?

03 Jul 2007 14:47

If it is to retain a strong footing in the increasingly competitive console market, Sony may well need to lower the price of its Playstation 3.

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Downloadable games for the Nintendo Wii were confirmed

WiiWare confirmed by Nintendo

28 Jun 2007 10:54

Nintendo has confirmed reports that it is to invite developers to create a series of downloadable games for its Wii console.

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Downloadable games for your Nintendo Wii?

Downloadable games for Wii?

27 Jun 2007 13:55

Playing games on a seventh-generation console is generally considered to be pretty good fun, and it seems that those who own the ever-popular Nintendo Wii could be in for an extra special treat for their gaming pleasure.

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Nintendo DS and the Wii outselling both the PSP and the PlayStation 3

Nintendo DS consoles flying off the selves in Japan

25 Jun 2007 12:41

The success of handheld consoles, with their wonderful portable quality and their ability to entertain and quell the boredom of most gamers, is not really surprising. And especially not in Japan, where computer games and consoles have been remarkably popular for years.

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PlayStation 3 to have 380 new videogames

PS3 to have 380 games by 2008

21 Jun 2007 13:04

Gamers, try and control yourselves, we've got some pretty interesting news.

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is available to owners of the Xbox 360

Tomb Raider: Anniversary via Xbox marketplace

20 Jun 2007 16:30

Lara Croft's latest adventure is to be made available via downloadable episodes for the Xbox 360.

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Firmware update for the PlayStation 3

PS3 gets new firmware update

15 Jun 2007 13:30

Any proud owner of a 7th generation console will know that the second a brand new update - of any shape or form - becomes available, you just gotta have it!

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Will new consoles need a high-definition TV and a broadband connection?

Consoles just too complex?

13 Jun 2007 14:39

The boss of a leading computer game developer has warned that the next generation of consoles may be too complicated for many users, reports IT Wire.

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Wi-Fi connection available for the Nintendo DS Lite and the Nintendo DS

Wi-Fi connection for Nintendo DS

11 Jun 2007 11:10

Hand-held games consoles are nifty little things, aren't they? Loved by kids, adults and those so addicted to their favourite computer games they can't leave the house unless they can keep playing them.

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The popularity of computer and video games is continuing to rise

Computer games more popular than ever

08 Jun 2007 16:30

An admission of a fondness for playing computer games often comes with a bunch of stereotypes that ultimately label the player as a bit of a nerd.

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Microsoft to introduce new console?

Microsoft to produce new console?

06 Jun 2007 15:00

As the popularity of the various newfangled game consoles continues to rise (don't pretend that you don't have one plonked next to your TV), speculation about where the technology for the little blighters will go next rises with it.

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Nintendo DS WiFi Connection is very popular

Nintendo DS WiFi Connection proves popular

31 May 2007 14:43

Some five million Nintendo DS users have connected to the WiFi Connection service since it launched in November 2005, demonstrating the growing popularity of online gaming.

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PS3 is Sony's next-generation console

Sony: PlayStation 3 will make up lost ground

29 May 2007 17:02

Sony may currently be trailing Nintendo and Microsoft in the next-generation console wars, but there is plenty of time for it to catch its rivals, a senior executive said.

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Sony and BT to turn PlayStation Portable (PSP) into a mobile phone

PSP to be turned into a mobile phone

25 May 2007 15:00

Hello technology-fan, back for some more great news are you?

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Nintendo forecast record sales of Wii

Nintendo predicts record sales of Wii

24 May 2007 16:00

As the battle for the best and most popular console rages on, Nintendo has announced that it believes sales of its Wii console will reach 25 million in the US by 2012.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 to support Blu-ray?

Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumours denied

17 May 2007 15:00

Unless you've been sitting in a cave with your fingers in your ears and your eyes firmly closed for the last few months, you will know that HD and Blu-ray are hot topics on the technology scene.

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the Lara Croft Tomb Raider game

Tomb Raider: Anniversary for Wii

17 May 2007 13:00

A decade ago, Lara Croft burst on the gaming scene with guns blazing, ponytail swinging and vest-top bulging. Now, to the delights of many, she's back.

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The Simpsons (Xbox 360)

Special Simpsons edition of Xbox 360

16 May 2007 13:00

As cartoon fans around the world wait with baited breath for the release of the long-awaited Simpsons movie this summer, Microsoft has revealed that gamers will have the chance to win a limited edition of the Simpsons Xbox 360.

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Computer games for Nintendo DS

'Drawn to life' for Nintendo DS

10 May 2007 15:00

Some computer game characters are timeless classics. Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Pacman to name but a few. But have you ever though what it would it be like if you could create your own?

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Microsoft Xbox 360 update

Xbox update to be launched on bank holiday Monday

04 May 2007 15:48

Given that the weather for the forthcoming bank holiday Monday is predicted to be characteristically wet and windy, fans of the Xbox 360 can be forgiven for wanting to spend a cosy day in getting acquainted with the latest update for their beloved console.

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