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The subwoofer is designed to make TV sound so much better

Symmetry to distribute new 'smart' subwoofer

30 Nov 2007 16:00

A brand new subwoofer from Thiel Audio is to be put on the UK market by distributor Symmetry.

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With one of KEF's systems, watching TV will have a cinematic quality

New home cinema systems from KEF

30 Nov 2007 15:00

A brand new series of home cinema products has been unveiled by KEF.

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Charlie Sheen's character tries to make it big in Wall Street

1980s classic to be released on Blu-ray

30 Nov 2007 13:56

Wall Street is to be released on Blu-ray disc next year, Fox Home Entertainment has announced.

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Is your wardrobe run-of-the-mill? Imagine if it had a TV in it!

Watch TV while you choose an outfit

29 Nov 2007 16:15

For most people, a wardrobe is a place to store clothes. However, thanks to the latest innovation from Technopolis, it can now also be used as an HD-ready television.

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UK consumers will soon be able to watch HD DVDs for less

Ventura to launch new HD DVD player

29 Nov 2007 15:45

A new low-cost HD DVD player from Ventura is to be launched in the UK, the firm announced today (November 29th).

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Customers should embrace new technology such as Blu-ray

Don't wait until the dust settles

29 Nov 2007 15:34

The Samsung BD-P1400 is one of the best Blu-ray players on the market and regardless of the second-generation format war, consumers should still be interested in purchasing it.

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The firm's new projectors are top-notch

New LCD projectors from Sony

28 Nov 2007 14:30

Sony unveiled two brand new LCD-based video projectors earlier this week (November 26th).

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The TVs can be contolled from anywhere in the home

The waterproof TV you can control from anywhere

28 Nov 2007 13:00

Aquavision is to showcase a new range of waterproof HD-ready TVs at a forthcoming technology event which will be the first of their kind to have an RS232 control.

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Over one million films have been bought on Blu-ray

1m Blu-ray discs sold in Europe

28 Nov 2007 11:50

The total number of Blu-ray discs sold in Europe has surpassed the magic one million mark, the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee has said.

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HD DVD is reportedly proving to be popular

HD DVD player sales going up and up

27 Nov 2007 15:00

Sales of HD DVD players have topped 750,000, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group has said.

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Assassin's Creed is a popular choice for gamers

Assassin's Creed top of UK games charts

27 Nov 2007 13:00

Sales may have dipped by over 30 per cent, but Assassin's Creed is still proving popular with UK consumers as the game is continuing to sit at the top of the all format chart.

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It's not just about cameras anymore for Polaroid

Snappy new TVs from Polaroid

26 Nov 2007 14:30

You may usually associate Polaroid with cameras, but the firm has been branching out and has now created a rather good-looking assortment of LCD TVs, called the Defina Range.

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Samsung's Blu-ray disc players are pretty top-notch

New Blu-ray player from Samsung

26 Nov 2007 13:00

Samsung has launched a brand new Blu-ray disc player called the BD-P1400, which not only plays Blu-ray discs but can also play standard DVDs and up-convert them so they are near-HD quality.

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Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek

Star Trek beams onto HD DVD

23 Nov 2007 15:30

Star Trek: The Original Series: First Season has been released on HD DVD, in a joint venture between Toshiba America Consumer Products and CBS Home Entertainment.

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Toshiba clearly love a bit of HD DVD

Get 5 free HD DVDS with a Toshiba laptop

23 Nov 2007 14:30

Good news for fans of HD content - Toshiba has revealed plans to give away five free HD DVDs with its new range of laptops.

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You could help protect the environment with one of Swedx's tellies

The eco-friendly LCD TV from Swedx

23 Nov 2007 13:45

Swedish manufacturer Swedx has come up with an LCD TV that is housed in a wooden casing, perfect for fans of high-definition televisions who are also concerned about the environment.

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Samsung is going to put more cash into its LCD business

More LCDs from Samsung to meet demand

22 Nov 2007 14:30

Samsung Electronics has today (Thursday, November 22nd) announced plans to up its spending on liquid crystal display panels in a bid to meet consumer demand for LCD TVs.

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You could be watching HDTV for free in 2012

Free HDTV via Freeview in 5 years?

22 Nov 2007 13:00

Ofcom has announced that all UK households will have free access to HDTV by 2012.

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Panasonic thinks its new Blu-ray player will go well with an HDTV

Panasonic launches new Blu-ray disc player

22 Nov 2007 11:40

Panasonic has announced the launch of its latest Blu-ray disc player, the DMP-BD30.

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Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy in a scene from the film

Becoming Jane to be released on Blu-ray

21 Nov 2007 15:00

Romantic comedy Becoming Jane is to be released on Blu-ray disc next year, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced.

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Bigger is better for many Brits in terms of televisions

TVs getting bigger and bigger for UK consumers

21 Nov 2007 11:13

In the past decade the average size of a TV in a UK household has increased by more than ten inches.

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LCD sets are becoming more and more popular

Sales of LCD TVs up 48%

20 Nov 2007 14:00

Worldwide sales of liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions jumped up by almost 50 per cent earlier this year.

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A Blu-ray disc player is tempting, but you could opt for a PS3 until you are sure

Games consoles the answer to HD confusion?

20 Nov 2007 12:10

Sony's PlayStation 3 console or Microsoft's Xbox 360 could be the answer that consumers who are a bit puzzled by the second-generation format war could be seeking.

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The film stars Milla Jovovich

Game demos on Resident Evil: Extinction?

19 Nov 2007 17:38

The forthcoming Blu-ray release of Resident Evil: Extinction will feature trailers for two videogames, media reports have suggested.

Due to hit the shops on January 1st, 2008, the third instalment of the Resident Evil series will reportedly have a playable demo for soon-to-be-released Playstation 3 titles Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4.

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Samsung has produced a small but perfectly formed LCD TV

'Perky' 26-inch LCD from Samsung

19 Nov 2007 17:35

Samsung's LE-26R87BD is a beautifully formed LCD TV with a glossy black finish and even though it is only 26-inches it is as close to television perfection as you can get.

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It's the first birthday of this nifty console

Happy first birthday PS3

19 Nov 2007 17:33

The Playstation 3 console has officially been on the market for a whole year.

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LG's new telly will let you stream HD video from the internet

New 52-inch Wi-Fi LCD TV from LG

16 Nov 2007 16:11

LG is to launch a 52-inch LCD television dubbed the 52LG71 which comes with Wi-Fi.

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The Blu-ray backers are not happy with the HD camp

HD DVD statement dubbed 'misleading' by Blu-ray group

16 Nov 2007 16:01

A press release sent out earlier this week by the European HD DVD Promotional Group has been branded "misleading" by the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee.

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A character who looks and sounds like original Ghostbuster Bill Murray will be in the game

New videogame based on Ghostbusters

15 Nov 2007 16:59

Videogame publisher Vivendi has revealed that it is working on a new title which will be based on the hugely popular 80s film Ghostbusters.

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Harry and his chums could soon be part of a cool new boxset

Special edition Harry Potter 5

15 Nov 2007 15:29

Warner Home Video is to launch a special boxset of the first five Harry Potter films on DVD, Blu-ray disc and HD DVD.

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Sony Bravias are mighty-fine televisions

70 inches of LCD beauty

14 Nov 2007 15:00

The Sony KDL-70X3500 Bravia TV is a full HD set which will surely appeal to all flatscreen TV consumers.

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Now you can have some proper entertainment while splashing around

Watch and listen as you chill out in the bath

14 Nov 2007 14:07

Videotree has certainly got the right idea when it comes to relaxation - the company has come up with the SPLASH 17.1-inch widescreen water resistant LCD TV which is not only waterproof but comes with an ipod dock too.

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Would you like your LCD to be more efficient?

How efficient can an LCD TV be?

13 Nov 2007 18:02

Have you ever thought that your TV could stand to be a bit more efficient? If so, the latest bit of high-tech wizardry from 3M could be just what you are looking for.

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Samsung LCDs look set to sell well next year

Samsung to have an LCD-tastic year in 2008

13 Nov 2007 16:39

Good day to ye, fair mangotangoers, we trust that this news finds you well.

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Shoppers just aren't sure which is best!

High-def disc format war 'a stalemate'

12 Nov 2007 18:15

We don't know about you mangotangoers but sometimes we feel as though we are going round in circles when it comes to this Blu-ray disc verses HD DVD malarkey.

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Milla Jovovich stars in the hit film

Resident Evil: Extinction on Blu-ray

12 Nov 2007 18:09

The third instalment of the hugely popular sci-fi series Resident Evil is to be released on Blu-ray disc early next year.

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You could have a TV ... or you could have a screen?!

The 184-inch projection screen

09 Nov 2007 17:59

Have you got that Friday feeling mangotangoers? Excited to be heading into the weekend? Raring for some cool technology news? Of course you are!

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You could put a swish new telly in your kitchen

The under-counter LCD

09 Nov 2007 17:56

GPX has announced the release of an under-the-counter LCD television that is an affordable price and will be out just in time for Christmas.

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Are you fond of watching HD content on your HD telly?

Demand up for HD channels

08 Nov 2007 16:38

High definition is clearly all the rage, if recent data from a US HD content provider is anything to go by.

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Toshiba looks to do well in terms of HD DVD player sales

500,000 HD DVD players to be sold by end of the month?

08 Nov 2007 16:37

The popularity of HD DVD is not diminishing and a whopping 500,000 compliant players will be snapped up by the end of November.

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Will the Xbox 360 be around for a good long while?

Microsoft has long-term hopes for Xbox 360

07 Nov 2007 15:00

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect a home console to have a shelf life of about five years.

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Led Zeppelin will soon be on HD

Led Zep to rock out on HD

07 Nov 2007 14:02

Classic 70s rock band Led Zeppelin are to re-release their concert film This Song Remains the Same in high definition.

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You can trust a flat-screen TV

LCDs and plasmas very reliable, says survey

06 Nov 2007 14:39

LCD and plasma televisions are a sound investment because they are so reliable, a well-known product review organisation has determined.

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Warner is sticking with both formats for now

Warner stays firmly in the middle

06 Nov 2007 13:00

Contradiction is hard to escape from sometimes, particularly in the public arena. So perhaps it shouldn't take you by surprise to hear that someone from Warner Home Video has piped up to contest the firm's recent comments about backing Blu-ray.

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Could we soon be seeing a new version of the PS2?

A compact PS2?

05 Nov 2007 15:11

Could Sony be planning to release a new version of its popular Playstation 2 console that is smaller and cheaper than the original?

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Warner seems keen on Blu-ray

Warner to go Blu?

05 Nov 2007 15:10

Do you remember that song Blue Monday by popular 80s band New Order? Well, if you do you will quickly see that its title is very apt today, and could even be re-titled Blu Monday, as we at mangotango are here to fill you in on some interesting Blu-ray news.

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Playing on the Wii is about to get even better

Wii-tastic accessory in time for Christmas

02 Nov 2007 14:00

We know that it is more than eight weeks to go until Christmas, but we can't help but feel excited at the prospect of unwrapping some cool pressies come December 25th.

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The Sunshine Blu-ray Disc will reportedly have lots of great features

Sunshine to be first PIP-enabled DVD

02 Nov 2007 12:06

It's only been a couple of days since we brought you news of a new Blu-ray Disc player from Panasonic that will be the first to have a Final Standard Profile. Now, we can happily tell you that there could soon be a smashing title to go with it.

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One minute you could be doing the gardening, the next you could be watching a soap

The 46-incher that's perfect for outdoors

01 Nov 2007 16:33

SunBriteTV has announced that it is going to launch an all-weather outdoor LCD television which will have a 46-inch screen.

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Will plasma TVs and LCDs give way to OLEDs?

40-inch OLED TV in 3 years?

01 Nov 2007 15:09

Oh dear oh dear, could a new form of television technology be gearing up to replace LCD and Plasma in the hearts of consumers everywhere? Quite possibly, given the plans that the folks at Samsung have up their collective sleeve.

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