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Halo 3 to be released

Halo 3 gone to manufacturer

31 Aug 2007 16:00

Ok gamers, we know that the release date of one of this year's most hotly anticipated games won't be released until the end of next month, but we thought you'd like to hear a little bit of information about it.

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New low-cost Blu-ray player BDP-S300 from Sony

Sony launching low-cost Blu-ray player

31 Aug 2007 14:36

Ah, we've had a short week thanks to the Bank Holiday and now Friday has come around quicker than usual so we're in a very chipper mood!

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The GO 920 T: New voice recognition satellite Navigation system by Tom Tom

New voice recognition sat nav

30 Aug 2007 15:30

A swish new sat-nat system which features a voice-recognition function has been showcased by Tom Tom.

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Nintendo Wii sales reached one million

Wii sales hit 1m mark

30 Aug 2007 13:48

There must certainly be a heck of a lot of happy gamers in the UK at the moment - if sales of the Nintendo Wii are anything to go by.

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8th gen LCD TVs from Sony and Samsung

Sony and Samsung launch 8th gen LCD panels

29 Aug 2007 15:00

Sony and Samsung have started shipping what they have dubbed eighth-generation liquid crystal display panels, the firms announced yesterday (Tuesday).

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The SHD7000: First HD DVD player from Ventura

Ventura launches first HD DVD player

29 Aug 2007 14:02

Ventura Electronics has launched its first HD DVD player.

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14 new videogames for the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii - 14 new games by end of 2007

28 Aug 2007 14:00

A deal has been signed between Koch Media and Data Design Interactive (DDI) that will see a host of new games launched in the UK for the Nintendo Wii by the end of this year.

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All-in-one PC with Blu-ray support from Sony

Blu-ray PC from Sony

28 Aug 2007 11:46

Well, well, well! Welcome back after the Bank Holiday weekend. Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine and are now raring to go for the rest of the week. We certainly feel nicely rested, and as such we have some cracking technology news for you.

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Price announcement: Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360

Halo Xbox 360 price announced

24 Aug 2007 14:00

A recommended retail price for the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 has finally been announced by Microsoft.

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eco-friendly LCD TV by Sharp

Sharp's eco-friendly TV

24 Aug 2007 12:20

As much as we love swish new technology, we are fully aware that energy guzzling machines can do damage to the planet.

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iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station for your iPod

Introducing the iMirror iPod dock

23 Aug 2007 13:30

Accessories for iPods aren't exactly few and far between - but it's still nice to know when something new hits the market, right? Of course it is! Which is why, faithful mangotangoers, we've lined up this juicy bit of news for you.

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Wall mounts for flat screen TVs

Flat screen wall mount range expanded by AVF

23 Aug 2007 11:52

When you buy a top-quality flat-screen television, it is important to consider where you will be displaying it.

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29 new Blu-ray Disc titles by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Fox: 'Blu-ray is the only way'

22 Aug 2007 15:00

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that it is to launch nearly 30 Blu-ray titles throughout the course of this year.

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Transformers: The Game - On top!

Transformers still at top of the chart

22 Aug 2007 13:00

They may be robots in disguise, but there's no hiding the fact that the Transformers are ruling the roost in terms of gaming in the UK at the moment.

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108 inch LCD TV by sharp

New large LCD TV to be unveiled by Sharp

22 Aug 2007 10:12

Well, the people at Sharp certainly seem to be busy little bees don't they? First of all we hear that they are to launch a new series of super-slim LCD TVs - the Aquos range - and now we've found out that they have got something even bigger up their sleeves.

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Microsoft Xbox 360: Price reduction

Xbox 360 price cut in Europe

21 Aug 2007 13:00

Aha. We didn't think this announcement would evade us forever. Confused? Don't worry - we've got some good news!

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New HD DVD titles from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation

Paramount and DreamWorks backing HD DVD

21 Aug 2007 10:10

The HD DVD format got a bit of a boost yesterday (Monday) after Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation announced that they will be exclusively supporting it on a worldwide basis.

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Sony to promote high-definition products

Sony's big HD push

20 Aug 2007 13:00

High definition, it seems, is the way forward. At least, for a certain electronics firm that is.

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UK rely on Satellite Navigation

Sat navs increasingly popular

20 Aug 2007 11:19

More and more of us seem to be relying on technology to complete day-to-day activities. Which is hardly surprising given how useful all those fab gadgets and gizmos can be!

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More Blu-ray titles by Disney

Major Blu-ray releases from Disney

17 Aug 2007 13:00

It may seem like a long way away, but rest assured, the festive season will sneak up on you quicker than you can say mince pie. As such, we will do our best to get you prepared - for your shopping needs at least!

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Samsung and LG have both been recognised for the quality of their Electronics products

Samsung and LG scoop top awards

17 Aug 2007 09:47

Ahh, Friday. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and mangotango has, yet again, got some great technology news for you. How marvellous!

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Nintendo Wii popularity grows

Nintendo doing Wii-ly well in UK

16 Aug 2007 16:30

If the Nintendo Wii were a person, you can bet that it would be glowing pink with pride at the moment.

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The D64U line: Slim LCD Televisions from Sharp

Super slim LCD TVs from Sharp

16 Aug 2007 13:00

A series of LCD TVs which features sets that are "bigger and smaller at the same time" has been announced by Sharp.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Console (Blu-ray)

Epic loves Blu-ray

16 Aug 2007 11:39

Everyone loves a little bit extra, don't they? Even if that something is as simple as an extra dollop of cream on your strawberries, it's hard to deny that getting a smidge more is a good thing.

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The iS2 a new waterproof case for iPod shuffle

Waterproof shuffle

15 Aug 2007 14:00

Being that its summer - yes, we know it's been raining, but at least it's warm?! - many people will be eagerly packing their bags and setting off on a well-earned holiday.

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LCD Television sales going up and up!

LCD TV sales on the up

15 Aug 2007 11:49

It seems that sales of LCD TVs are starting to outstrip those of their plasma rivals.

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PlayStation 3: Reliable piece of home entertainment

The 'indestructible' console

14 Aug 2007 16:00

Gamers know that getting a brand new console is one thing, but knowing that it will be a reliable piece of home entertainment is another.

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New range of electronic products from Disney

LCD TVs for kids from Disney

14 Aug 2007 14:00

Entertaining children can seem like a mountainous task on occasions. Especially if rain has dampened any attempts at sending the kids to play outside.

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LG lower the price of BH-100 Super Blu-ray player

LG drops price of Blu-ray player

14 Aug 2007 11:55

Competitiveness can be a beastly business. Things can get pretty ugly between warring sides, especially if there is some sort of lucrative prize involved.

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new Sony Bravia line-up pricing released

New Bravia pricing revealed

13 Aug 2007 13:00

Oo how exciting, dear readers - we've found out the pricing news for the new Sony Bravia line-up!

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Blu-ray V HDDVD?

Blu-ray beating HD?

13 Aug 2007 10:25

It's always interesting to find out which why a retail war will go. Particularly when the products involved are so unbelievably amazing!

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Panasonic first LDC TV

Panasonic branching out

10 Aug 2007 13:00

We love it when things adjust. A change is as good as a rest and all that! So imagine our delight (and yours too when you read this next bit) when we heard that Panasonic is to start making LCD TVs as well as Plasma sets.

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PS3 and Xbox 360 owners unaware of the High-Definition capabilities of their video game consoles


10 Aug 2007 10:15

Tsk tsk, mangotangoers, it appears that something is seriously awry. According to a new study, a whole bunch of you are completely unaware just how fantabulous your PS3s and your Xbox 360s really are.

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300 is best selling Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD film

300 is fastest selling Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD

09 Aug 2007 13:00

Well well, it seems that more and more people are catching on to the fact that the future is Blu.

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 Brain Training series for Nintendo DS console is increasingly popular

Good news for your grey matter

09 Aug 2007 10:46

Ah, new Brain Training game release date, we've been expecting you.

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Three high-Definition televisions per household

A trio of HD TVs per household

08 Aug 2007 15:00

Sometimes, less is more. Other times, one is never enough, and you have to go back for seconds. And, on rare occasions, maybe even thirds.

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Panasonic's 1080p Plasma HDTVs can play 100,000 hours

Years of brightness with a Panasonic plasma

08 Aug 2007 13:00

It's pretty widely acknowledged that if you have a top-notch telly, then you should look after it. Especially if you are hoping that it will last a long time!

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Microsoft Xbox 360 price reduced

Xbox 360 price drop

08 Aug 2007 11:01

Everybody likes a bargain. Except maybe those eccentric billionaires who blow their noses on £100 notes, but you get the idea.

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Toshiba to release third generation High-Definition DVD players

Toshiba to launch third-gen HD DVD players

07 Aug 2007 14:00

Ok, try not to get too excited - we know how much you love all this new-fangled second-generation DVD technology, but we've got some cracking news to share with you.

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80GB PlayStation 3 launched in the US

80GB PS3 released in US

07 Aug 2007 11:55

Summer is the time of year when things get bigger. The cinemas are screening action-packed blockbusters, the supermarkets are stocking jumbo-sized packets of sausages in readiness for barbeques - and now, there's a brand new console.

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Samsung sued by Sharp over infringed LCD patents

Sharp in LCD patent row with Samsung

07 Aug 2007 10:05

Oh dear, it seems that you can't be too careful with your top-of-the-range designs these days, as Sharp has just found out.

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Spiderman 3: Blu-ray Disc and DVD packages

Web-tastic Blu-ray release

06 Aug 2007 16:00

Getting a top-of-the-range high-def TV is pretty cool, isn't it? And what about when you complement that telly with a second generation DVD player - it just gets even better! So, what do you do when you've sorted your home entertainment set up? Get some great high-def material to watch on it of course!

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The NU WTW154 wireless,  portable and waterproof LCD TV

The waterproof LCD TV

06 Aug 2007 14:11

Good morning beloved mangotangoers! We trust you had a pleasant weekend - spent enjoying the sunshine no doubt!

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Mini Blu-ray Disc for Hitachi's new Blu-ray camcorders the DZ-BD7H and the DZ-BD70

'Mini' Blu-ray Discs

03 Aug 2007 13:00

Blimey - it's Friday already, it's really warm, and it's sunny. What a marvellous start to the weekend, dear readers!

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TV service for blind people led by Sony's Bravia range

TV for the blind

03 Aug 2007 11:24

Although we at mangotango are fun loving folk, we know that there is a time and a place for everything. As such, we are fully aware when things need to get a bit serious.

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The Samsung SGH-F500 Ultra Video

Samsung's mobile TV

02 Aug 2007 15:00

As the world and its dog seem to be making just about everything much, much bigger, one company has thrown caution to the wind and decided to make something much, much smaller!

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More films on Blu-ray

Choosing Blu-ray is a "no-brainer"

02 Aug 2007 12:30

Making your mind up (no, not the Bucks Fizz song) can be considerably difficult, particularly if you are trying to decide between two seemingly similar things.

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PlayStation 3 to turn it into a TV recorder

TV tuner for PS3 in 2008

02 Aug 2007 11:13

It's always nice when something you love suddenly gets a bit better isn't it? Especially if it's an improvement to a cool piece of technology. That's always worth paying attention to!

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Nintendo Wii's  interactive flying Wiimote

Watch out for that Wiimote!

01 Aug 2007 16:00

An enthusiastic game on the Nintendo Wii, using that super-fun Wiimote, can be a lethal business. Well, if you are a plasma or LCD TV that is.

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HD DVD drive and burner for notebook from Toshiba

Toshiba to launch notebook with HD DVD burner

01 Aug 2007 14:00

Being the first to achieve something is really rather special, isn't it? Like the first person to walk on the moon, or the first person to put two slices of bread together and have a filling in the middle.

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Sony Support Blu-ray

Sony says Blu-ray is right for PGR4

01 Aug 2007 12:24

In light of recent comments from the developer of a soon-to-be released computer game, Sony has stated that Blu-ray is well worth investing in.

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