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The format war could be over this year

Research group predicts end to format war

31 Jan 2008 17:22

A global technology research company has predicted that Toshiba's HD DVD format may be fighting a losing battle and that the end of 2008 could see Blu-ray emerge victorious.

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Panasonic adds to its range

Panasonic 42in offers picture 'better than any other'

31 Jan 2008 17:20

Panasonic's latest 42-inch entry into the plasma TV market has been given a solid review by The PC Advisor website.

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The Olympics could make many people look for a new screen

2008 Sport calendar 'could boost LCD TV market'

30 Jan 2008 17:33

More people could be opting for LCD TV panels as a number of major events on the sporting calendar approach, according to an article for Smarthouse News.

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The new project or is expected to be popular

Bravia range adopts new projector

30 Jan 2008 17:00

Sony has unveiled the latest addition to its popular Bravia range with a brand new high definition (HD) projector.

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The retailers move could prove significant

Woolworths drops HD DVD

29 Jan 2008 14:00

HD DVD was dealt another serious blow this week in the high definition (HD) format war as Woolworths announced it would now stock only Blu-ray discs.

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The Toshiba range continues to bloom

Toshiba offers new feature-packed screen

29 Jan 2008 13:58

A new review has suggested that not only is Toshiba's latest 47-inch model as stylish as its little brother, but it also packs a punch in terms of features.

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The Aquos range is already enjoyed by many

Sharp to launch three new Aquos panels

29 Jan 2008 13:57

It has emerged that Sharp is to add to its range of LCD TV panels by bringing three new entries to the market.

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The Sharp screen is ideal for families on a budget

New sharp 32in is a budget blinder

28 Jan 2008 17:27

A new 32-inch LCD panel from Sharp has been singled out as a great entry into the manufacturer's range by a new review.

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Mirai is still new to the growing UK LCD market

Mirai announces new LCD range

28 Jan 2008 17:26

Mirai has announced it is to roll out a range of LCD TV panels across Europe starting with a 32 and 42-inch models.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV release date set

25 Jan 2008 17:35

Owners of an Xbox 360 console or a PS3 console can look forward to the release of the new title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise a bit later this year.

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Family watching TV

Virtues of wireless TV extolled

25 Jan 2008 17:16

The wireless capabilities of the Samsung FPT5894 plasma TV have various advantages, it has been suggested.

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Sharp unveils "super-thin" TVs

Super-thin TVs from Sharp

24 Jan 2008 15:47

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Analogue TVs no longer available at some retailers

DSG to take analogue TVs off the shelf

24 Jan 2008 11:52

DSG International has become the first electronic retailer to stop stocking analogue televisions and move to a 100 per cent digital range.

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The Nano now comes in pink

New pink iPod Nano debuts in time for Valentine's Day

23 Jan 2008 17:25

Apple has recently launched its video iPod Nano in a new shocking pink colour - just in time for Valentine's Day.

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Families can look forward to panasonic's new offering

Panasonic unveils 17-inch HDTV

22 Jan 2008 17:43

Panasonic has unveiled its new compact 17-inch HDTV to be shipped in five colours from February 15th onwards.

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Gamers can download Undertow for free

Microsoft offers free Xbox 360 game

22 Jan 2008 17:41

Microsoft is offering a free Xbox Live Arcade game as consolation for the outages over the festive season.

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Watch an even better picture with a new HDTV

The best five HDTVs so far

21 Jan 2008 17:24

Samsung and Panasonic are among the manufacturers highlighted in a list of the best high definition televisions (HDTVs) available on the market.

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Playing computer games could be even better with a new monitor

New computer monitors from Samsung

21 Jan 2008 17:23

A new range of computer monitors designed to offer an "enhanced" experience to consumers looking to buy such an item has been launched by Samsung Electronics America.

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Toshiba will offer 20 new panels

Toshiba continues its REGZA range

18 Jan 2008 14:02

Toshiba has confirmed this week that it will build on its REGZA series with a series of new 2008 releases.

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Toshiba's offer a new 37" model

Toshiba's latest 37" an all-round winner

18 Jan 2008 14:01

The latest 37-inch from Toshiba is stylish and great to look at but also comes with a host of features that make it worth considering, a new review has suggested.

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Samsung will bring new LCD screens in 2008

New Samsung range offers "something for everyone"

18 Jan 2008 13:58

Samsung has announced that during 2008 it will roll out a series of numbered LCD TV panels that one website claims could offer "something for everyone".

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The screens could be a cheap option for those looking to replace old sets

Belarusian firm extends LCD range

17 Jan 2008 13:16

Belarusian consumer electronics manufacturer Vityas has announced that it will launch a range of LCD screens later this year that will add to its range of smaller panels.

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LG's new screens were among the winners

CES awards LG in 13 categories

17 Jan 2008 13:14

LG Electronics has been announced as the winner in 13 categories at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - including five awards for flat panel televisions.

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Power consumption can be greater on plasma panels

Energy 'should be a factor in choosing a new screen'

17 Jan 2008 13:12

Energy efficiency is one are in which consumers looking for a new flat panel TV should focus their attention, one expert has suggested this week.

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Plasma or LCD? There are benefits to both

The benefits and differences of flat screen panels

16 Jan 2008 14:12

The differences between LCD and plasma TV screens mean that shoppers need to be sure of what they want, according to a new article.

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Panasonic adds to its collection with a new 50-inch plasma

New Panasonic 50-inch screen 'never misses a trick'

16 Jan 2008 14:11

A new review has highlighted Panasonic's latest 50-inch plasma TV for its ability to offer natural colours and rich contrast levels.

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Norcent's new screen offers entry-level HD viewing

Norcent offers an 'impressive' budget solution

16 Jan 2008 14:10

A new 32-inch LCD TV from Norcent has been highlighted as a surprise package by a new review.

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The screen could be a great choice for the living room

Sleek new Phillips LCD is a "winner"

15 Jan 2008 17:22

A stylish new entry into Phillips' latest range of LCD TVs has been highlighted as a "winner" in a new article from the Trusted Reviews website this week.

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Plasma TV

Sony gets a handle on the LCD market

15 Jan 2008 17:18

Sony is set release a new range of LCD TVs which will be fitted with a carry handle, according to

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Toshiba is said to be struggling in the HD format war

Toshiba price cuts "the swan song" for HD DVD?

15 Jan 2008 17:16

The announcement this week that Toshiba is to cut the prices of its HD DVD players has been seen by many experts as its last chance in the bid to win the format war.

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Toshiba could drop its prices to win HD DVD customers

Toshiba cuts HD DVD prices

14 Jan 2008 14:47

Consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced that it intends to make a number of price cuts to its range of HD DVD players.

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This year's olympics could significantly boost flat panel sales

Beijing boost adds to LCD growth

14 Jan 2008 14:46

The LCD TV market could receive an extra boost this year as many consumers trade in their old cathode ray tube sets for a sleek high definition model - in time for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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Jessica Alba stars in Good Luck Chuck

Comedy treat this week for Blu-ray owners

14 Jan 2008 14:44

One of the biggest comedies of last year comes to Blu-ray this week as Good Luck Chuck is given the high definition home cinema treatment.

In the movie Charlie, a womanising dentist, enjoys the benefits of a curse bestowed upon him by a jilted lover which sees every woman he sleeps with immediately go on to find love with the next man she meets.

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The new player is fully iPod compatible

Phillips introduces iPod friendly portable DVD player

11 Jan 2008 12:32

Phillips has launched a new portable DVD player that not only offers a choice of screen sizes but also has iPod connectivity, it has emerged.

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It is hoped the new panel will be 50 per cent more efficient

Energy efficient LCD plan from Sharp

11 Jan 2008 12:30

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Sharp has announced it is to produce an LCD screen that offers an improved contrast ratio and half the energy consumption of a current panel.

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The Governator is headed for Blu-ray

If it bleeds, we can kill it...

11 Jan 2008 12:27

A 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger action classic is headed to Blu-ray later this year, according to

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Darker movies such as Batman Begins could benefit from a better contrast ratio

Pioneer's quest for the "infinite" contrast ratio

10 Jan 2008 12:39

Pioneer has announced it is to focus on the plasma TV market by producing a new screen that will tackle the problem of light emission in black screen areas.

The Japanese manufacturer revealed that visitors to this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will be able to witness a prototype screen that aims to develop image quality by improving contrast ratios.

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Spider 3D image

Is 3-D the future for LCD?

10 Jan 2008 12:36

Speculation that three dimensional (3-D) technology is the next big thing in flat screen TV has been given a boost this week thanks to a number of developments revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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Panasonic quests for the largest screen

Panasonic believes 'size does matter'

10 Jan 2008 12:35

Following the unveiling of the world's first 150-inch plasma TV this week, one expert has asked "can a TV be too big?".

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Toshiba is already a market leader in the field

Toshiba announces 20 new LCD panels

09 Jan 2008 17:26

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has launched 20 new LCD TVs at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it has emerged.

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YouTube could soon be available on the big screen

New plasma to support YouTube

09 Jan 2008 17:25

Panasonic is set to release a plasma television that will allow users to view online content from YouTube, it has emerged.

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Movie fans could be blown away by the size of the panel

New 108-inch comes to the market

09 Jan 2008 17:24

It has emerged that Sharp is set to release a new LCD television that clocks in at 108 inches.

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The Panasonic technology will improve its existing range

New DivX platform certified by Panasonic

08 Jan 2008 17:31

Panasonic has certified a new chip platform that allows DivX video content to be supported by Blu-ray players and other devices, it has emerged.

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Warner has chosen to opt for Blu-ray support

Format war 'will not be decided by WB decision'

08 Jan 2008 17:29

Warner Brothers' (WB) decision to publish its films in Blu-ray is significant but will not end the HD format war, according to one expert.

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New screens are on the way from Soyo

Soyo takes on the big boys at CES

08 Jan 2008 07:57

A US consumer electronics firm is set to challenge the big players LCD and plasma TV market at this year's CES show, it has emerged.

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Shoppers looking for great home cinema could consider Hitachi

Hitachi 32-inch gets top marks

08 Jan 2008 07:56

A new review has suggested that the latest addition to the 32-inch LCD TV range from Hitachi could be one of the best on the market.

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Manufacturers are currently trying to create the world's thinnest panel

Battle for the thinnest screen continues

08 Jan 2008 07:54

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer JVC has unveiled a new LCD TV panel that is less than three inches thick, it has emerged.

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More sports fans could be switching on to flat screen TVs

Armchair supporters offered HD advice

04 Jan 2008 17:11

According to Retrevo there are a number of flat panel televisions currently on the market that serve sport better than others and the site has recommended some which offer the best performance for fast-action games, Yahoo! News reports.

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More people are enjoying the delights of HD LCD screens

Q3 sees growth in LCD market

04 Jan 2008 17:09

Sales of LCD TVs grew significantly in the third quarter (Q3) of 2007, a new report suggests.

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Mortensen plays Russian gangster Nikolai

Oscar buzz movie heading for Blu-ray release

04 Jan 2008 17:07

David Cronenberg's latest movie is set to be released on Blu-ray next month amid Oscar buzz for the film and its lead actor.

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Pioneer's thin TV will have much competition

Thinner is a winner for Pioneer

03 Jan 2008 17:20

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Channel 4 has now launched its own HD service

Networks could 'do battle' over HD channels

03 Jan 2008 17:19

Recent developments in high definition (HD) television have allowed a number of channels to launch their own service and in a new article it is suggested that this sector could become a "serious battleground" for networks.

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Sony could focus on its popular Bravia range

Sony to drop RP in favour of LCD and plasma

03 Jan 2008 17:17

Sony is set to pull out of the rear projection television (RP TV) market as LCD TV sales continue to rise.

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Home screens are set to get bigger

Average LCD screen size 'set to grow'

03 Jan 2008 17:16

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LG is one manufacturer improving its LCD range

2008: year of the LCD TV?

02 Jan 2008 14:17

LCD TV's will be big sellers this year, one website predicts.

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Award winning HD disc 300 would benefit from a fully HD screen

HD players 'need HD panels'

02 Jan 2008 14:15

Home cinema fans opting for a HD DVD or Blu-ray system are wasting their time without a decent screen, according to the Herald Sun.

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