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GTA4: Now with downloadable audio option

Video gamers given GTA4 audio option

31 Mar 2008 17:44

Console fans have been given the chance to download the music from the up and coming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) sequel - while they are still playing, it has emerged.

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New budget Tosh: ideal for a second room.

Budget Toshiba is a second-room winner

31 Mar 2008 17:43

A new review has highlighted the latest 20-inch LCD panel from Toshiba as ideal for home cinema fans looking for a second room solution.

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CRT screens: around for some time yet?

CRT screens 'will be around for some time'

31 Mar 2008 17:42

The death of the cathode ray tube (CRT) screen may have been greatly exaggerated, according to one expert.

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The 'year of the LCD' could be filled with oddities.

Oddball panels add to the 'year of the LCD TV'

31 Mar 2008 17:41

There are a number of things to suggest 2008 could be the year of the LCD TV but this will also bring with it some flat panel curiosities, it has been suggested.

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50 Cent

50 Cent makes Xbox and PlayStation return

28 Mar 2008 16:54

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers can expect to see hip-hop superstar 50 Cent and his G Unit friends on their screens soon, it has emerged.

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It could be too soon to trade up for HD

DVD 'will be here for some time'

28 Mar 2008 16:53

High definition (HD) formats such as Blu-ray are the current talk of the home entertainment market, but standard definition (SD) DVD will be here for some time, it has been suggested.

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The store is offering more for SD DVD than HD DVD

Best Buy issues another HD DVD blow

28 Mar 2008 16:51

Toshiba's ill-fated high definition format HD DVD received another nail in its coffin this week as a major US retailer began clearing discs from its stores.

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Are more greener screens on the way?

Green flat panel screens 'in demand'

27 Mar 2008 17:33

With more people placing an emphasis on CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change more is being expected from flat panel TV manufacturers, according to one expert.

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Less energy use from Phillips' latest

Phillips launch the EcoFlat TV

27 Mar 2008 17:32

Phillips have announced the launch of a new 42-inch LCD TV screen that offers increased energy-efficiency without cutting the picture quality.

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Panasonic was present in the list

High-end plasmas given chart treatment

26 Mar 2008 17:37

Home cinema fans looking to get the best available flat screen televisions have been advised on the top ten high end plasma units in a new review.

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Sony follows up the hype

Sony: like a rainbow?

25 Mar 2008 17:33

Sony has followed up its popular Bravia TV adverts with an LCD panel that adds to the range, a new review has highlighted.

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Panasonic knows contrast ratios are vital

New Viera models boost blacks

25 Mar 2008 17:11

A high contrast ratio is essential on a new flat screen and the latest range of plasma and LCD TVs from Panasonic have plenty, it has been suggested.

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"too late" for Blu-ray players?

Is it already "too late for Blu-ray"?

25 Mar 2008 17:10

The emergence of Blu-ray as the high definition (HD) format of choice could only be a short-term thing if HD content becomes compatible with flash memory sticks, it has been suggested.

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The unit upscales to a high standard

New DVD player is 'bargain of the century'

25 Mar 2008 17:09

US-based consumer electronics manufacturer Oppo has released a new DVD player that Trusted Reviews believe represents one of the "bargains of the century".

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Phillips is back

Phillips offer 42-inches of 'splendour'

25 Mar 2008 17:06

Phillips have launched a 42-inch model that is not only "stunning" to look at but also offers a range of features and connectivity options, it has been noted.

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More screens on the way from Sharp this month

Sharp add to entry-level range

20 Mar 2008 16:41

Sharp has announced that buyers looking for a new entry-level LCD TV will have more to choose from buy the end of the month.

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Fireplaces: not the best spot for your new panel

Flat TVs and fireplaces: A safe combination?

20 Mar 2008 16:40

Consumers who may have invested in a new LCD or plasma television have been advised that they need to be careful where they mount their screen, reports.

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Panasonic television

Panasonic 'makes the best better'

19 Mar 2008 17:21

Panasonic has made improvements to a 50-inch plasma screen that was once described as one of the best around, according to a new article for Big Picture Big Sound.

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Samsung is backing the Halo 3 Tournament

Samsung LCD backs video game tournament

19 Mar 2008 17:19

South Korean LCD TV manufacturer Samsung has announced that it will back the Official Halo 3 Tournament, it has emerged.

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Microsoft's Xbox console is selling well

Xbox racks up growing sales

19 Mar 2008 17:18

Microsoft's decision to drop the price of the Xbox has prompted a rise in sales of an estimated 36 per cent, it has emerged.

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Blacks look better on the Kuro range

Pioneer Kuro range 'offer astonishing blacks'

18 Mar 2008 17:29

The Pioneer Kuro range have built on their name by offering some of the best black levels available in the LCD TV market, according to one expert.

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The movie was a popular choice for HD DVD viewers

Batman comes to Blu-ray

18 Mar 2008 17:26

Ahead of this summer's much-anticipated sequel, Warner Bros has given a new high definition (HD) lease of life to its movie Batman Begins, it has emerged.

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There are plenrty of screens out there ... but which is right?

Consumers advised on LCD TV shopping

17 Mar 2008 16:52

There are a number of things to bear in mind when shopping for a high definition LCD TV panel, according to a new article for the Fresh News website.

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The Xbox seems unlikely to ever be Blu-ray compatible

Microsoft boss rules out Blu-ray Xbox

17 Mar 2008 16:51

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Europe has poured cold water on recent speculation that the company plans to produce a Blu-ray peripheral for its Xbox console.

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The CRT screen may not yet be gone

CRT TVs 'not dead yet'

17 Mar 2008 16:49

As plasma sales continue to boom and LCD panel technology improves rapidly, one company has advised that cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs are not yet dead.

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Panasonic viewers can expect to experience deep blacks

Panasonic pushing contrast boundaries

14 Mar 2008 16:03

Big Picture Big Sound has lauded the new line of HDTVs for their contrast ratio (also known as black level reproduction), indicating that most exhibit superior contrast levels to their 2007 counterparts.

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A big year for Panasonic

Panasonic's 2008 rollout continues

13 Mar 2008 11:20

Panasonic will continue to rollout models that will aim to push for "quality, connectivity and customer service" in 2008, Dealerscope reports.

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Is Sony back on top form?

Sony returns triumphantly to TV

13 Mar 2008 11:19

Sony's latest 46-inch Bravia LCD harks back to the manufacturer's legendary cathode ray models, one reviewer has suggested.

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Wall mounting is popular but can be a "challenge"

Motorized mounts offer glare-free viewing

12 Mar 2008 14:55

Avoiding glare when mounting a flat panel LCD or plasma TV can be tricky, but one company has come up with an innovative solution, it has emerged.

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Is Blu-ray on the cards for the Xbox?

Blu-ray heading for Xbox 360?

12 Mar 2008 14:55

Speculation that Microsoft's popular Xbox gaming console could feature Blu-ray in the future has been given a boost this week following a comment from the manufacturer's chief executive.

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Rambo will feature in one of the first releases

Apple iPod given Blu-ray boost

11 Mar 2008 17:31

Apple has entered into a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment that will see buyers of the some of the Hollywood studios content able to download iPod compatible content.

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A HD first from Panasonic

A high definition 'first' from Panasonic

10 Mar 2008 17:22

The latest 32-inch LCD panel from Panasonic achieves something that the manufacturer had previously been unable to achieve, according to a new review.

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The manufacturer builds on its range

New Panasonic screens offer 'tripled contrast ratio'

10 Mar 2008 17:20

Panasonic is to Launch 12 new LCD and plasma TVs that will triple the contrast ratios of their predecessors, it has emerged.

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The manufacturer's new range is pretty in pink

Samsung launches new luxury LCD range

07 Mar 2008 11:51

Samsung has announced that it will launch a new range of LCD TVs later this year that will focus on "colour and eco-friendliness".

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DVD players are not dead yet

DVD 'will live on as SD option'

07 Mar 2008 11:49

Despite the emergence of Blu-ray as the high definition (HD) winner of the format war, one expert has noted that DVD is far from dead.

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Blu-ray discs could be everywhere soon

Blu-ray sales 'will have a good year'

06 Mar 2008 17:27

Following the death of Toshiba's HD DVD format, one expert has suggested that there is now nothing to stop the growth of Blu-ray.

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clarity is on the manu for Hitachi's latest

Hitachi 47in offers "clarity, quality and sharpness"

06 Mar 2008 17:25

For consumers looking to buy the right plasma screen there are some things to bear in mind and HDTV News claims a new model from Hitachi has them all.

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Pioneer adds to its 50-inch range

New Pioneer tops sibling

05 Mar 2008 17:12

Pioneer's latest 50-inch LX508D comes equipped with an extra level of quality that put it way ahead of the 508XD, according to a new review.

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Pioneer will move away from plasma production

Pioneer to focus on new LCD panels

04 Mar 2008 14:00

Pioneer has announced that it is to stop production of plasma TV panels and focus its attention on the growing LCD TV market.

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The next MacBook could have Blu-ray

Blu-ray drives coming from Dell and Apple?

04 Mar 2008 13:55

Having won the war over HD DVD Blu-ray could be making its way to a range of products from two of the biggest names in the home computing industry, it has emerged.

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JVC: the next dimension?

JVC adds to its 'innovative range'

03 Mar 2008 13:31

JVC has been praised for its high definition additions to the LCD TV market and its latest 42-inch model is highlighted as no exception.

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The new Samsung has been hailed as a best buy

Samsung offering "bargain of the year"

03 Mar 2008 13:29

Samsung's 37-inch LE37R87BD LCD TV is not only a great looking screen but is also "one of the bargains of the year," according to a new review.

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