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Panasonic has been praised for its prices

Panasonic plasma offers "bang for the buck"

29 Feb 2008 18:46

The latest 50-inch plasma TV from Panasonic not only offers high quality and affordability but proves the manufacturer is at the top of its game, according to a review.

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Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500?

Can you buy a decent flat screen for under £500?

29 Feb 2008 18:44

Buying a flat screen plasma or LCD panel for under £500 is not easy but can be done if you look in the right place, according to Tech Radar.

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Hitachi adds to the plasma market

Hitachi 50-inch is a smooth operator

28 Feb 2008 20:03

A new plasma screen from Hitachi builds on the manufacturer's reputation for quality as well as offering smooth visuals and impressive colour, according to a new review.

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LG has previously concentrated on Freeview sets

LG drops the TV for more HD

28 Feb 2008 20:01

Home cinema fans unimpressed by LG's latest attempts to incorporate Freeview into their LCD TV panels may be interested in the 37LF75, according to a new review.

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Bigger is better for Panasonic

Panasonic updates 103-inch plasma

27 Feb 2008 20:40

Home cinema fans willing to shell out around $70,000 (£35,537) for one of the biggest screens in the business may be interested to hear it just got a little better.

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Disney's High School Musical stars are also set for a return

Disney to release archive classic

26 Feb 2008 15:19

A new series of treasures are set to be unearthed from the Walt Disney archives, it has been announced.

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LCD screens are more popular than ever

LCD panels top CRT shipments

25 Feb 2008 12:55

LCD TV shipments have surpassed the number of traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) screens for the first time, a new report claims.

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The manufacturer is bouncing back

New Toshiba range targets the upgrade market

25 Feb 2008 12:54

Toshiba is set to release a new range of high definition (HD) LCD TVs that target the entry-level market and consumers looking to upgrade their old cathode ray tube screens.

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OLED TVs could have some way yet to go

OLED 'not yet better than LCD and plasma'

25 Feb 2008 12:53

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions offer technology that is some of the "hottest" around but are not yet as high performance as their LCD and plasma predecessors, according to

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Sony has topped its closest rival

Sony tops Samsung in the LCD market

25 Feb 2008 12:51

A new report has revealed that Sony has taken the crown of the world's favourite LCD TV manufacturer, taking over from Samsung, Bloomberg reports.

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The new Aquos range will be limited edition only

New 'special edition' Aquos launched

25 Feb 2008 12:50

Sharp has launched a special edition range of its high performance Aquos series that the Japanese manufacturer claims is "stunning", hidden reports.

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will the manufacturer roll out its carbon fbre screens?

Toshiba to use carbon fibres?

25 Feb 2008 12:48

Toshiba could soon release a new range of high definition (HD) LCD TVs that use carbon fibre casing to improve the weight of their screens.

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Toshiba adds CV-, VX- and ZF-series to offering

22 Feb 2008 17:06

Toshiba is set to update its LCD HDTV range with the release of new models to its CV-, VX- and ZF-series.

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Family watching television

Humax unveils white LCD TVs

22 Feb 2008 17:03

Two new sparkling white LCD TVs have been unveiled by the electronics company Humax.

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Panasonic television

Strong sales drive demand for flat panel TVs

21 Feb 2008 17:31

Demand for flat screen TVs has been predicted to rise by more than 100 per cent in the next five years.

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The studio recently released Ridley Scott's American Gangster on HD DVD

Universal to support Blu-ray

20 Feb 2008 13:14

Following this week's announcement that Toshiba is to wrap up production of its ailing HD DVD format, one of Hollywood's biggest studios has announced it will support Blu-ray.

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The studio recently released Ridley Scott's American Gangster on HD DVD

Universal to support Blu-ray

20 Feb 2008 13:14

Following this week's announcement that Toshiba is to wrap up production of its ailing HD DVD format, one of Hollywood's biggest studios has announced it will support Blu-ray.

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Hitachi offers a wide range of LCD and plasma screens

New Hitachi 37-inch offers quality and affordability

20 Feb 2008 13:09

A new 37-inch LCD TV panel from Hitachi has been noted for its "outstanding" connectivity and high performance by Trusted Reviews.

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The speakers offered a solid performance on Jet-Li's War

Audio Pro "goes hell for leather"

20 Feb 2008 13:07

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Blu-ray has taken the title as HD champion

War is over

19 Feb 2008 12:35

The high definition (HD) format war has ended with Blu-ray emerging victorious - as Toshiba has announced it is to end production of HD DVD.

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Blu-ray has taken the title as HD champion

War is over

19 Feb 2008 12:35

The high definition (HD) format war has ended with Blu-ray emerging victorious - as Toshiba has announced it is to end production of HD DVD.

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Panasonic has not given up on plasma

LCDs outnumber but plasma is not yet outgunned

19 Feb 2008 12:31

Panasonic's latest 42-inch TH42PZ70B panel proves that plasma panels have not given up the fight, according to a new review.

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Samsung has a new range scheduled for Spring 2008

"Potent" Samsung precedes new spring range

19 Feb 2008 12:30

Samsung may have a new range emerging soon, but one article has noted that one of their most recent 50-inch plasma TVs is still a solid purchase.

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Pioneer already has a stake in the plasma TV industry

Pioneer moves into small-screen LCD market

18 Feb 2008 13:49

Consumer electronics company Pioneer has announced it is to expand its range of flat screen TVs, according to

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Designers were not the only things attracting attention at London Fashion Week

LG televisions are set-a-porter!

18 Feb 2008 13:48

A new range of LCD TVs from LG have been unveiled that are more style conscious than some of their predecessors, according to

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The new screen is already on the market

New 42-inch LCD panel is "elegant and simple"

15 Feb 2008 13:37

HannSpree has launched a new 42-inch LCD TV panel that is as beautiful to look at as it is simple to use, according to a new review.

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Sharp will make 'greener' LCD panels

Sharp announces greener screen initiative

15 Feb 2008 13:35

Sharp has unveiled plans to make its range of LCD TVs more ecologically focussed by way of improving production processes.

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LG is building on the innovation of its older models

Super-slim LG coming "sooner rather than later"

15 Feb 2008 13:34

LG's anticipated new ultra-slim 42-inch model could be made available sooner than has previously been suggested, according to an article for endgadgetHD.

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HD DVD is facing a tough time

Toshiba HD DVD on "death watch"

15 Feb 2008 13:32

Toshiba could be considering the possibility of pulling the plug on its HD DVD technology, the Hollywood Reporter has suggested.

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Samsung's latest plasma adds to the manufacturer's range

Samsung 50-inch gets the chocolate treatment

14 Feb 2008 14:34

A new review for Samsung's 50-inch HP-T5064 has considered the units colour and light handling abilities, with Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory used as a barometer for testing.

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Simon Pegg stars in Run Fat Boy Run

Blu-ray owners given a run for their money

14 Feb 2008 14:32

Blu-ray owners will be given a run for their money should they choose to buy one of two new movies to hit the format next week.

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Patrick Swayze stars in the UKs favourite weepie

Romantic options for home cinema enthusiasts

13 Feb 2008 14:42

Home cinema enthusiasts hoping for a romantic night in this Valentine's Day have been advised the top ten movies in a new survey.

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Samsung continue to update their screens' technology

New Samsung 70in "the pinnacle of full HD"

13 Feb 2008 14:40

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has released a new LCD TV which it is claiming offers "no ordinary viewing experience."

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The Pioneer Kuro range is a popular series

New Kuro panels 'cause for excitement'

13 Feb 2008 14:39

Pioneer has added to its popular flagship Kuro series with 50 and 60-inch panels that use around two million pixels to build a sharp and impressive picture.

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The Blu-ray format is going from strength to strength

Best Buy and Netflix backing Blu-ray

12 Feb 2008 13:26

Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US, has given a further boost to Blu-ray with the announcement that it will be recommending the format across its chain of stores, according to the BBC news website.

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The LG screen features built in digital TV

LG offers new Freeview playback LCD

12 Feb 2008 13:24

LG have released a new 37-inch LCD TV screen that offers a great solution for those who do not want to spend money on subscription channels, one review suggests.

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Samsung has a presence in both the LCD and plasma markets

Samsung heads the 'plasma comeback'

12 Feb 2008 13:23

The number of LCD TVs on the market may mean that the units are "the hot ticket" but this does not mean there are not any great plasma screens out there, according to one expert.

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LG LCD television

New LG 42-inch offers extreme colour

11 Feb 2008 15:36

LG's latest 42-inch LCD TV builds on the manufacturer's reputation while employing new high performance features, according to a new review.

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Remy the Rat stars in Ratatouille

Pixar adds to its Blu-ray catalogue

11 Feb 2008 15:31

Home cinema fans looking for all round family fun have been given more to choose from this week as Pixar adds to its collection of high definition releases.

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More colour shades with the new Toshiba television series

'Over 1bn colour shades' with ZF series LCD TVs

08 Feb 2008 18:05

Toshiba's new ZF series of televisions display more than one billion shades of colour in total, according to a new report.

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Thiner screens on the way in the coming years

Hitachi set to develop thinner screens

08 Feb 2008 17:36

Hitachi has announced plans for the development of a new plasma screen with a thickness of ten mm, a report claims.

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New light-source technology from Panasonic

New 'light-source technology' from Panasonic

07 Feb 2008 17:16

A new LCD television from Panasonic is taking advantage of the company's new light-source technology which intends to boost its lifespan, reports HDTV News.

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picture quality continues to get better with HD TVs

HD TVs 'improving all the time'

07 Feb 2008 17:09

The image quality available through a HD TV is continuing to improve and costs have fallen considerably in recent years, a new survey has found.

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Panasonic are set to offer greener TVs

Panasonic to reduce power usage

06 Feb 2008 17:51

Matsushita, which is the manufacturer behind the Panasonic brand, is to develop a range of plasma TVs that use half as much power as the current models on offer from the firm.

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Pioneer has produced a new ultra-slim television

Pioneer produce 50in version of ultra-slim prototype

06 Feb 2008 17:09

A 50 inch version of Pioneer's Advanced Design Concept plasma prototype has just been produced with staggering proportions.

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sharp images and strong colours

Toshiba offers crisp images

05 Feb 2008 17:44

Toshiba's 42LX177 LCD TV offers crisp and clear images, regardless of whether motion is being displayed, a new review states.

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quality viewing for all the family

Quality not compromised

05 Feb 2008 17:42

Hannspree offers one of the "cheapest" high definition (HD) TVs around with its XV32 GT model, it has been claimed.

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Mitsubishi's latest offering looks set to transform the HDTV experience

Best picture quality could be achieved by Mitsubishi LaserTV

04 Feb 2008 17:29

This year's expected launch of the Mitsubishi LaserTV could be the most significant development in HDTV during 2008.

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Various factors should be considered when buying a TV.

TV buyers 'should look beyond contrast ratio'

04 Feb 2008 17:14

Potential buyers of high-definition TVs or other big-screen sets have been given some tips on what aspects of the products they should pay most attention to.

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Style can be an important factor in buying a new screen

Stylish Sharp is "stunning in white"

01 Feb 2008 13:53

A new 19-inch LCD TV from Sharp has been described as "stunning in white" by a new review and highlighted as a solution for those looking for a second-room screen.

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The manufacturer's new model has hidden talents

New Sanyo LCD 'better than it looks'

01 Feb 2008 13:51

A new LCD TV from Sanyo may not be the most stylish in the world but when it comes to high definition (HD support it delivers the goods, according to a new review.

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