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Microsoft to reduce the price of the Xbox 360?

Price cut for Xbox 360?

31 Jul 2007 13:41

Hmmm. It must be tricky deciding what price a seventh-generation games console should be. They are pretty swish after all. And so much fun!

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The production of LCD TVs in China has increased

Chinese LCD TV production up by 65%

31 Jul 2007 11:52

Getting to grips with modern technology, what with all this wonderful new fangled gadgetry, can sometimes prove to be a stumbling block when choosing a new television.

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Sony is to expand its range of Bravia TVs

Sony bumping up Bravia range

30 Jul 2007 14:03

Well, we all know just how fabulous Sony Bravia televisions are. The Sony Bravia KDL32U2000, for instance, is one of the swishest and most popular sets on the market.

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PS3 console's Blu-ray capabilities to be utilised in new videogame by Rockstar

Exclusive PS3 game from Rockstar

30 Jul 2007 10:52

Ooo it's Monday. Are you thrilled at the prospect of a brand new week stretching before you? No? Well, never mind, at least you can read some cracking technology news to make the day that much better!

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Nintendo Wii console new game - Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Brain training moves to the Wii

27 Jul 2007 16:30

Have you ever found out what your brain age is? If your answer is no, then you have probably never played the immensely popular Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo DS.

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LCD TV price is set to tumble?

Price of LCD TVs to fall by 25%?

27 Jul 2007 15:35

The average price of a liquid crystal display television is set to drop by 25 per cent this year, according to top Japanese LCD producer Sharp Corp.

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New High-Definition Dual format player from Samsung

New dual second-gen format player from Samsung

27 Jul 2007 14:32

Not only has Samsung produced one of the most popular second-generation HD players on the market, the BD-P1000 Blu-ray DVD player, the firm has announced that it is to add not one, not two but three new players to its line-up of products.

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Microsoft reducing price of  Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

Microsoft dropping price of Xbox HD DVD player

26 Jul 2007 16:00

As the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray continues to rage on, both camps are showing no sign of backing down as they strive for supremacy.

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Further support for Blu-ray player and Blu-ray Discs

Blu-ray backed by 2nd biggest retailer in US

26 Jul 2007 14:00

Blu-ray has received a bit of a boost this week, as Target Corp, the second largest retail chain in the States, has revealed plans to promote the second-generation format.

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Xbox 360 console

New approach to Xbox 360 in Europe

26 Jul 2007 12:23

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. Even us fab fold at mangotango can occasionally get things wrong. This morning for instance, someone accidentally put salt instead of sugar into their tea. But that's beside the point.

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Exclusive games for the Nintendo Wii

Wii has most exclusive games in the pipeline

25 Jul 2007 16:00

The Nintendo Wii Console seems to be going from strength to strength.

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Two new Blu-ray Disc players from Denon

Blu-ray players from Denon

25 Jul 2007 14:04

Despite initially being dismissive of Blu-ray technology, electronics firm Denon has announced that it is to release two Blu-ray Disc players later this year.

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The TH-103PH9UK: 103 inch HDTV from Panasonic

Panasonic's giant plasma HDTV in NYC City Hall

25 Jul 2007 12:11

With many products, bigger is most certainly better. A larger portion of chips, a more comfortable seat at the cinema, a roomier hotel bathroom and, of course, a great big high-quality television.

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 The Bravia DAV-X10: New home entertainment system from Sony

New Sony Bravia TV

24 Jul 2007 15:30

A super swish new television is pretty high on the shopping list of many people, and quite understandably so given how fantastic they are for watching all your fav films and programmes.

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Sales of PlayStation 3 increased

Sales of PS3 rise by over 130%

24 Jul 2007 13:27

It seems that as much as some gamers profess that money is no object when it comes to getting their hands on the latest top quality console, every penny really does count.

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Blu-ray Title of the Year: Casino Royal

James Bond scoops Blu-ray prize

23 Jul 2007 15:00

While Blu-ray Discs are relatively new to the consumer market, they have still been around long enough to warrant nominations and prizes at home entertainment award ceremonies.

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PSP Slim and Lite

September launch for slim PSP

23 Jul 2007 13:37

Ooo brace yourselves, game fans, mangotango has got an interesting snippet of information for you.

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HDTV to display three-dimensional images?

HDTV in 3D?

20 Jul 2007 16:00

Now, we at mangotango know a good thing when we see it. That's why we have such a fantastic range of products for our dear customers to choose from.

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High-definition Blu-ray camcorders by Hitachi

A Blu-ray camcorder?

20 Jul 2007 14:56

Do you like the quality of high-definition material? Do you also like making your own movies (nothing funny now!)?

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The Lite-On Blu-ray Disc Drive LH-2B1S

Lower price for PLDS Blu-ray Disc drive

19 Jul 2007 16:00

There's nothing better than a piece of snazzy technology is there? Well, perhaps, but only a piece of snazzy technology that comes at a very reasonable price!

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The Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii are very popular

Wii and DS selling really well in Japan

19 Jul 2007 13:32

Maybe it's because they love training their brains. Perhaps they can't get enough Wiimote action. Whatever the reason, the Japanese seem to love the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii Console.

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Buy Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox Elite to cost £330?

18 Jul 2007 15:00

Getting your hands on the latest games console is a must for some people. Others may be less enthused, preferring to spend their pennies on high-def tellies or blu-ray players, but either way, news of a new release is always interesting - particularly if the price is proving to be contentious.

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Disney to promote Blu-ray

Disney loves Blu-ray

18 Jul 2007 12:52

There's nothing like an endorsement from one of the world's leading brands to make a product seem all the more attractive, is there?

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Good news to HD DVDs funs

Toshiba launches 3 new HD DVD players in Australia

17 Jul 2007 16:00

Today, high-definition fans, is a pretty special day - particularly if you are keen to get your hands on some HD DVDs.

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BBC series Planet Earth on Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD

New Planet Earth HD DVD

17 Jul 2007 14:30

Following on from the huge success of the Planet Earth HD DVD, the BBC series is to be re-released in the US with new narration.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter works magic on UK game charts

17 Jul 2007 12:48

Are you being swept along by Harry Potter mania this week, dear techie fan? If you are, then you have probably already seen the latest film, eagerly pre-ordered the seventh and final book and busied away several hours playing the computer game.

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The HD-EP10: New HD DVD player launched by Toshiba

New HD DVD player from Toshiba

16 Jul 2007 14:00

Following on from the success of the HD-E1 and the HD-EX1, Toshiba has announced that it is to release a third HD-DVD player.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Console: 60GB Premium Version

Sony calls time on 60GB PS3

16 Jul 2007 11:48

Just when you thought it was looking oh-so-promising for the future of the 60GB Playstation 3, Sony has made a couple of announcements that have pretty much dashed all hopes.

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the Toshiba HD-E1 high definition DVD player become the best selling HD DVD player

Toshiba HD DVD player sales soar

13 Jul 2007 13:00

It can often be hard to choose the best of a new bunch. And no, we're not talking about bananas. Although, if we're honest, choosing the best banana can be tricky sometimes too. But we digress.

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Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo DS is very popular

Nintendo dominating German charts

13 Jul 2007 10:37

If you are of a superstitious nature, today may prove to be rather troubling, being that it is Friday 13th.

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Samsung to build on success of BD-P1000

12 Jul 2007 15:00

Following on from the enormous success of its BD-P1000 Blu-ray DVD player, Samsung is to launch two more Blu-ray players.

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Sales of the Sony PlayStation 3 have doubled

Sales of PS3 doubled

12 Jul 2007 12:30

The popularity of those super swish seventh generation games consoles seems pretty relentless, doesn't it? Especially when you consider just how well the little boxes of entertaining wonderment are doing in the shops.

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Nintendo Wii  interactive Wiimote

Keep fit with the Nintendo Wii

12 Jul 2007 10:25

The stereotypical image of a gamer is not one of a healthy, happy individual. More likely, it is of a pale, insular type of person who spends hours indoors with the curtains drawn playing on their favourite console.

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LG boosted by LCD TV sales

11 Jul 2007 15:00

If you want to know just how popular flat-panel televisions are getting these days, then remember that as the old saying goes - the proof is in the pudding.

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Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Elite will be released this August

Xbox Elite will hit the shops in August

11 Jul 2007 13:00

The snazzy new Xbox 360 Elite is due to be released in Europe by the end of the summer.

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The BD-HP20S the new Blu-ray Disc player from Sharp

'Quick start' Blu-ray player from Sharp

11 Jul 2007 11:32

Hold onto your hats, Blu-ray fans - we've got some news for you.

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More Bravia LCD Televisions

Additional Bravia LCD TVs from Sony

10 Jul 2007 15:00

After initially saying that there would be a shortage of 50 Hz Bravia LCD TVs in Australia, Sony has announced that there will be "a lot of stock".

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500GB of data to be stored on a single Blu-ray disc or HD-DVD

The 500GB disc

10 Jul 2007 13:30

Are you a big fan of all things technical? Do you love hearing about all the latest updates in the wonderful world of gadgets and gizmos? Of course you do. That's why you can't resist coming back to mangotango for another slice of the technological news pie.

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Sony reduces price of PlayStation 3

Sony cuts price of PS3

10 Jul 2007 11:41

Everybody likes a bit of a bargain, don't they? Especially on things that they really want to buy, rather than things that they will buy just because it's 30p cheaper than it was last week.

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Toshiba’s LCD Televisions are very popular in China

Toshiba LCD TVs increasingly popular in China

09 Jul 2007 15:00

No one can deny the increasing appeal of a gorgeous flat-panel television screen, whether it's because they are great for watching HD content, or just because they look so much nicer than those bulky old-fashioned sets.

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Videogames console sales on the up!

Console sales going up and up

09 Jul 2007 12:55

The popularity of the game industry in the UK is soaring and showing no sign of slowing down, according to new research.

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October release for Xbox 360 elite

October launch for Xbox 360 elite in Japan

06 Jul 2007 15:30

Brace yourselves, enthusiastic gamers, a new product may well be on the horizon.

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The Samsung BD-UP5000: High-Definition Player from Samsung

Autumn release for dual HD player from Samsung

06 Jul 2007 14:00

A dual HD player from Samsung is to be released in the autumn this year, the electronics firm said this week.

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Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD piracy

Watermark to prevent HD piracy

06 Jul 2007 12:13

A US-based firm has made its watermarking technology available to the makers HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in a bid to prevent unscrupulous folk from illegally copying their content.

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TomTom new sat-nav with built-in camera

Sat-nav that can show AND tell?

05 Jul 2007 15:00

For those fed up with maps, incorrectly reading maps, and getting lost, satellite navigation systems must have been the best thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe not sliced bread, but certainly since maps anyway.

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Plasma display or a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)?

Plasma favoured over LCD TVs

05 Jul 2007 13:30

Some people are pretty picky when it comes to the specs of their home entertainment, while others are less concerned with the appearance of their telly and more interested in how it will fit with the decor of their lounge.

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Blu-ray Discs sales rising thanks to the PlayStation 3

Blu-ray popularity soaring thanks to PS3

05 Jul 2007 12:27

HD DVD has taken another blow in the battle for supreme second generation format this week, as Sony announced that its Playstation 3 console has helped boost sales of the Blu-ray Discs in Europe.

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On-demand HD DVD film service from Amazon and Microsoft

Independent titles on HD from Amazon

04 Jul 2007 16:00

Just when it was beginning to look as though Blu-ray was the most popular kid on the block, Amazon has revealed that it is to offer high-def independent movies via its on-demand DVD printing service.

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Panasonic launched new write-once Blu-ray Discs and 4x speed Blu-ray player

Write-once Blu-ray discs launched by Panasonic

04 Jul 2007 15:30

Following the news that Panasonic is to produce a 4x speed Blu-ray player, the firm has announced that it has created a software format that supports it.

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New HDTVs by Sharp

Sharp to release new HDTVS in Japan

03 Jul 2007 16:30

We at mangotango know how much you love hearing about new products that are making their way onto the consumer market and, being the generous sort of folk that we are, we can't help but inform you.

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PlayStation 3 price reduction?!

Should Sony lower cost of PS3?

03 Jul 2007 14:47

If it is to retain a strong footing in the increasingly competitive console market, Sony may well need to lower the price of its Playstation 3.

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Blu-ray Discs V HD DVD

Blu-ray Discs beating HD DVDs

03 Jul 2007 14:44

If Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs worked together in an office, Blu-ray would have his feet up on the managing director's desk while HD made the coffee.

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The popularity of LCD televisions is spreading

Popularity of LCD TVs spreading

02 Jul 2007 13:47

It seems as though the increasingly popular nature of flat-panel televisions is yet to cease, and is spreading to all corners of the globe.

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Toshiba HD DVDs are to be web-enabled

Toshiba announces web-enabled HD DVDs

02 Jul 2007 11:43

Added extras are always nice aren't they? Like that sprinkle of chocolate you get on a cappuccino, the icing on the cake and, of course, a little extra dollop of technological wizardry for your favourite home entertainment product.

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