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Would you disguise your top-notch telly?

High fashion high-def

31 Oct 2007 15:15

Anyone who has ever bought a flat-screen TV will know that size definitely matters when you consider where you are going to put it. Particularly if someone else in the household is adverse to a giant TV dominating their lounge.

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Panasonic's new player will go really well with an HDTV

New Blu-ray player from Panasonic

31 Oct 2007 12:44

Have you ever stopped and wondered what the next generation high-definition 1080p Blu-ray Disc player might look like? Well, ponder no more, because according to one electronics firm this fab product has now been invented.

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Imagine a plasma TV bigger than any plasma you've seen before!

Japanese firm to offer giant plasma screens

30 Oct 2007 15:00

Small TVs can be just fabulous, can't they? Nestled happily in the corner of a room, beaming out all the things you like to watch best.

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The stars of Prison Break

Prison Break out on Blu-ray

30 Oct 2007 13:34

"OK guys, keep it cool - we're gonna bust out of this joint!"

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Some people will not feel the need to update, according to the study

Low-cost DVDs 'real competitor' for HD and Blu-ray

30 Oct 2007 11:50

They may be battling against each other for the title of top second-generation DVD format, but it seems that both Blu-ray and HD DVD are underestimating their predecessor.

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Toshiba believes its TV business is going to be more successful

Toshiba's LCD targets

29 Oct 2007 16:00

Things seem to be going well in terms of liquid crystal displays and televisions for Toshiba Corp, if its latest announcement is anything to go by.

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Is your telly in need of a great new stand?

Swish TV stand from Sharp

29 Oct 2007 15:06

We love finding out that something can do more than two things at once. One day we hope to discover a toaster that is capable of spreading butter and jam, but until that day comes we will be content with other remarkable technological advances, such as the latest product from Sharp.

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The Wii has been very successful

Wii triumphs at Golden Joysticks

29 Oct 2007 15:01

The Oscars and the BAFTAs may be some of the most glamorous ceremonies to take place at any point in the showbiz calendar, but do you ever get the feeling that such award shows just aren't that interesting?

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Will Samsung be bringing out the player in time for Christmas?

Samsung to launch dual format player in December?

26 Oct 2007 15:22

Electronics giant Samsung has reportedly announced that it is to launch it's eagerly anticipated dual-format high-definition disc player in December - just in time for Christmas.

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It looks like the PS2 will be around for a while yet

Happy 7th birthday PS2!

26 Oct 2007 12:57

Aww, we love a feel-good story on a Friday. Especially when it's about one of our favourite little gizmos.

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Will Jeremy Clarkson sit at home playing on a PS3?

Top Gear on Gran Turismo

25 Oct 2007 16:15

If you are a fan of super-fast cars then the chances are you will thoroughly enjoy playing video games where you can wizz around in a glitzy racer, as well as any sort of television programme to do with those super-fast roadsters.

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Will you be plonking a new flat-screen in your lounge?

Wooo! Ultra-slim TVs from Hitachi

25 Oct 2007 15:27

Well, as if things in the world of flat-screen televisions couldn't get any better, it seems that a clever lot of people at one of those electronics giants have done it again and come up with a super-slim model that will be sure to tickle your technological taste buds.

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Blu-ray could well be on its way to the top

Blu-ray winning the format war?

25 Oct 2007 13:07

Will this format war ever end? It seems that there is a never ending battle raging between Blu-ray and HD DVD with each side sure that an end is in sight that will see them secure that eponymous victory.

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The Xbox 360 will not have a built-in HD DVD player, apparently.

No plans for Xbox 360 with built-in HD DVD

24 Oct 2007 15:00

Reports suggesting that an Xbox 360 with a built-in HD DVD player is in the pipeline have been rubbished by Toshiba.

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LG will release its new plasma TV next month

LG to launch 32-inch plasma TV

24 Oct 2007 12:37

Ahoy hoy folks! Are you back for yet more fabulous news from the world of technology? Of course you are - you wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

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There will soon be a new flat-screen TV panel on the market from CMO

New LCD panels from CMO

23 Oct 2007 14:00

Ooh, thrilling little bit of info for you here mangotangoers. We know how much you like hearing about top-notch LCD panels, and indeed anything technological, so we simply had to tell you about the latest offerings from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO).

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The Transformers HD DVD has proven to be very popular

Transformers does wonders for HD DVD

23 Oct 2007 11:47

Summer blockbuster Transformers, the big-screen version of that hugely popular 80s kids' series, has achieved something of a high-def triumph. Yes folks, the film about the all-changing robots has become the fastest-selling HD DVD to date.

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Will you have a lovely big telly in your stocking this year?!

All I want for Christmas is a telly

22 Oct 2007 16:00

Today, being October 22nd, brings us ever closer to that most magical of events, Christmas. And while it is still a good few weeks until we can start hanging up the decorations, that doesn't excuse many people from thinking of presents and it seems that a high-definition television is riding high at the top of several lists.

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Serenity is one of the 13 HD DVDs available in the offer

HD DVD offer from Microsoft and Toshiba

22 Oct 2007 14:09

Microsoft has announced that following a partnership with Toshiba it is to give away five free HD DVDs with every purchase of its Xbox 360 HD DVD Player.

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LG Phillips will be rolling out the new panel early next year

New slim LCD panel from LG Phillips

19 Oct 2007 15:15

Ok all you fans of high-definition televisions. We know that it's Friday, the weather is crisp and delightfully autumnal and you'll have a spring in your step because the weekend is almost here.

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Sharp want more people to be able to get an LCD TV into their homes

New Japanese factory for Sharp LCD TVs

18 Oct 2007 15:00

Fabulous news for all you mangotangoers who can't get enough of LCD televisions - Sharp Corp has opened a second liquid crystal display television plant in Mexico in a bid to meet growing demand for the product.

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Nokia has unveiled a swish new product

Snazzy new internet tablet from Nokia

18 Oct 2007 13:55

Now, we know that news of a fab new technologically-advanced product is usually exciting enough to blow your socks off but please refrain from ruining another pair of comfortable tootsie warmers just yet or else you'll get distracted and won't find out all the details!

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The new Onkyo home entertainment system is sure to keep the whole family entertained

Onkyo unveils home entertainment system

17 Oct 2007 17:29

Onkyo, a manufacturer of specialist consumer electronics, has unveiled the HT-SP908, a new home entertainment system featuring just about everything video and audio-philes could ever dream of.

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Will the new price tag be enough for the PS3 to start catching up with the Xbox 360 or Wii?

UK PS3 sales boosted

17 Oct 2007 17:19

PlayStation 3 sales in the UK have jumped up by an impressive 178 per cent, following the introduction of a new model and a price cut.

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Syntax-Brillian has unveiled a new 65-inch HDTV, perfect for home viewing

Syntax-Brillian reveals new HDTVs

16 Oct 2007 15:47

HDTV manufacturer Syntax-Brillian has announced the introduction of three brand new full-HD 1080p LCD HDTVs in the company's Olevia line of home entertainment products.

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Sony to ramp-up production of Bravia HDTVs with new European factory

New Sony LCD TV factory starts production

16 Oct 2007 15:44

The newly opened Nitra factory, in Slovakia, which produces large-size high-end Sony LCD High Definition TV sets, will become Sony's main production outlet for LCD HDTVs in the European market.

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Blu-ray could be about to get better on the PS3

PS3 to have Blu-ray boost?

16 Oct 2007 11:25

It was only recently that gamers and Blu-ray fans alike were delighted by the news that the Play Station 3 console was reduced in price by makers Sony and now it seems that there could be more good news on the way.

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Harrison Ford is the star of Blade Runner

Blade Runner on Blu-ray and HD DVD

15 Oct 2007 17:42

Absolutely splendid news, mangotangoers! One of the most important films from the sci-fi genre is making its way onto HD.

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Sony will be hoping the new 40GB PS3 helps pick up the console's sales

Sony launches white PS3 in Japan

12 Oct 2007 16:19

Following the announcement that Sony would be releasing a new 40GB model of its PlayStation 3 console, the Japanese electronics giant has unveiled a brand new white coloured console for release in Japan.

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HD ready TVs are set to be a popular choice this Christmas

HDTVs top gift-lists for Christmas

12 Oct 2007 16:17

Three out of every four American consumers (76 per cent) have at least one digital lifestyle product on their Christmas wish-list, with High Definition TV sets being the most popular.

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Are you tempted to buy a super-slim telly?

Super slim, super light LCD TV

11 Oct 2007 15:30

An hd ready television is often the crowning glory of a home entertainment system. As such, there are so many different things to consider when choosing the right one for your home - particularly style and size.

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Could there be a new contender in the second-gen DVD market?

Introducing HD VMD

11 Oct 2007 14:02

VHS battled it out with Betamax, won, and was then superseded by DVD. Now, DVD looks set to be usurped by Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs - but could there be another contender waiting in the wings?

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Japanese gamers will be able to get the PS3 for less

PS3 price cuts for Japan

10 Oct 2007 15:30

Sony has only just announced that the price of the PS3 console has been lowered in Europe, but now the electronics giant has revealed that it is to reduce the price of the top-notch unit in Japan as well.

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Could Sony's LCD TVs be taken over by their OLEDs?

Will OLED take the market by storm?

10 Oct 2007 13:00

When Sony Corp releases its brand new 11-inch super-slim HD television in December this year, it will undoubtedly generate a fair old bit of interest from consumers and industry bods alike.

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Flat panel tellies are definitely winning over consumers

It's up, up and away for sales of TFT LCD products

10 Oct 2007 10:47

We know you like to keep abreast of all things interesting and important in the world of technology, least of all because you like to make informed choices when you purchase the latest high-definition gadget or shiny new gizmo for your home entertainment pleasure!

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Gamers love a bit of footie it seems

FIFA 08 top of the charts

09 Oct 2007 14:00

Well, it seems that those of you out there who love your PS2s, Playstation 3 consoles, PSPs and your Nintendo Wiis are all really into football as well.

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Longing for a PC that could work as a TV? Soon you could live that dream!

The all-in-one PC and LCD TV

09 Oct 2007 11:33

Convenience is a big concern for many people in today's busy society, isn't it? For instance, it's all well and good knowing which high-definition television you want to buy, but how quickly can you get it home and watch it?!

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WIll a cheaper PS3 help sell more Blu-ray Discs?

Cheaper PS3 won't help Blu-ray says HD DVD group

08 Oct 2007 14:00

Hmm, it seems that the Blu-ray verses HD DVD battle isn't going to go away quietly. Following the price drop of the PS3 console in Europe, the HD DVD Promotional Group has suggested that Sony's decision will not have an effect on the second-generation DVD market.

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You will be able to watch so much more on one disc thanks to Hitachi

100GB Blu-ray Disc from Hitachi

08 Oct 2007 12:04

Good day to you mangotangoers! Are you bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for another technology-tastic week?! Of course you are! So it goes without saying that regardless of it being Monday, you will be keen to hear the latest news about all things Blu-ray.

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Relaxing in the bath will be even more fun with the W104

The wonderful waterproof telly

05 Oct 2007 13:00

Modern life can be rather hectic, don't you think? One minute you can be leisurely shopping for the latest Blu-ray Disc, the next you can be sprinting for a bus because your new purchase is actually a birthday present and you've realised that you're late for the party.

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Capcom is going to focus its efforts on the PS3

Strong PS3 focus from Capcom

05 Oct 2007 09:00

The Playstation 3 console seems to be getting a fair old bit of attention at the moment. Amid suggestions that Sony is about to drop the price by almost £60, it appears that games publisher Capcom is going to shift its main development focus onto the PS3.

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Could the PS3 be about to go down in price?

Sony to drop price of PS3 in UK?

04 Oct 2007 16:00

Following a few weeks of speculation, and suggestions from various corners of the gaming world, it appears that Sony has finally decided to drop the price of the PS3 console.

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300 has proven to be rather popular for HD fans

Sales of 300 'set new standards'

04 Oct 2007 14:30

Trying to get to grips with whether you should be cheering on Blu-ray or backing HD DVD can be a bit of a complex issue, especially if you have a keen interest in all things techy.

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Will Evan Almighty inspire you to shop?

Online shopping with HD DVD

04 Oct 2007 12:43

Have you ever sat down and watched a great film on your high definition TV and suddenly had an urge to go shopping?

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Panasonic promotes Blu-ray

Panasonic: Blu-ray will win by New Year

03 Oct 2007 15:00

It's all gone very Blu at the moment, don't you think mangotango fans? As much as you can try and avoid news about the wonderful world of Blu-ray (although, to be honest, why would you?!) information about this marvellous format is pretty much everywhere.

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Spider-Man 3 best seller Blu-ray Disc

Magic mark for Sony's Blu-ray Disc

03 Oct 2007 15:00

As the race for supreme second-generation high-def format disc continues to hot up, Sony DADC has announced that it has produced its ten millionth 50GB Blu-ray Disc.

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The DMR-BW700, DMR-BW800, and the DMR-BW900 new Blu-ray Disc recorders from Matsushita

Advanced Blu-ray players from Matsushita

03 Oct 2007 12:41

Sometimes, less is more. In the big wonderful world of modern technology, though, it is generally the case that more is more - especially if that 'more' is more space!

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Aspire M5630 Computer series supports both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs

The HD DVD Blu-ray PC

02 Oct 2007 13:00

Tuesday is never the most exciting day of the week is it? Monday is done and dusted, but it's still a pretty long stretch until the weekend. Still, there is always some interesting news at good old mangotango to keep your brain merrily ticking over until Saturday rolls into view!

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Free Blu-ray titles

Dreaming of a Blu Christmas

02 Oct 2007 10:46

A swanky top-quality Blu-ray Disc player is generally enough to put a great big smile on the face of most technologically savvy consumers. To upgrade that grin to Cheshire cat status would take something very special indeed.

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Buy your Nintendo Wii now!

Demand for Wii outstripping supply

01 Oct 2007 15:00

Well mangotangoers, it seems that there are gamers, gamers everywhere and not enough consoles to play on.

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Organic Light-Emitting diode (Oled) television by Sony

New Sony TV in time for Christmas

01 Oct 2007 13:23

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening… oh alright, we know it's a little bit early to start hanging out the decorations and far too early to be belting out carols, but we can't help but turn our thoughts to Christmas when it appears that an awful lot of fab new products are going to be ready for the festive period.

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